Rights Respecting Steering Group 

The Article of the month is...

Article 2 - All children have rights no matter what!

Rights Respecting Steering Group


Class Representatives

Jeremiah & Curtis Year 1
Jeremiah & Curtis Year 1

Leythan  & Guy Year 2
Leythan & Guy Year 2

Rana & Saifullah Year 3
Rana & Saifullah Year 3

Lily-Lou & Awwal Year 4
Lily-Lou & Awwal Year 4

Praise & Daniel Year 5
Praise & Daniel Year 5

Kasey & Rianna Year 6
Kasey & Rianna Year 6


We are a Rights Respecting School


St Augustine's CE Primary School is a Rights Respecting School.  We believe in the rights of all children.  In 1989 governments around the world promised all children the same rights by adopting the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.  Every child and young person in the world has these rights, no matter who they are or where they live.


Our Rights Respecting Steering group includes three members of staff, one governor and twelve pupils.  We have worked together to select 11 rights we, as a whole school will focus on this year.


Article 12

The right to say what you think should happen and be listened to


Article 2

All children have rights no matter what!


Article 19  

The right to be safe


Article 30

  The right to use your own language


Article 15

The right to meet friends and join clubs


Article 31

The right to relax and play


Article 29

 The right to become the best you can be while respecting others.


Article 14

The right to follow your own religion


Article 24 

The right to good food and water and to see a doctor if you are ill  


Article 17

The right to honest information from newspapers and television that you can understand


Article 28

The right to learn and go to school


To find out more information about UNICEF, please visit www.unicef.org.uk.


We recently did an assembly which you can watch on YouTube here.


Friday 6th October 2017     

Harvest Festival

This year some of the children from the steering group were responsible for leading our school Harvest Festival.

They told us how many children across the world do not receive their right to food and fresh water. We all thought about how lucky we are to have food and water and thought of ways in which we could help others to receive their rights.

One way in which we could help, was to share the food from the harvest.

Some children took all the food that was kindly donated to the local food bank, where many families and their children will be able to benefit.