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We hope you are all keeping safe and well! 


Please scroll down our page for links to websites, apps and ideas to support your children while they are learning at home.


You are all doing an amazing job!


 Hello EYFS,

I hope you are enjoying The Very Busy Spider. Here is Day 2 of the maths activities for this book. Remember to check it out on You Tube.


Good morning EYFS.

Our new story for maths is The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle.

You can do the activities without the  book or you can listen to the story on You Tube:

Have some spidery fun with your maths work everyone!


 Good morning EYFS,

Here is the last day of the maths activities for Oliver's Vegetables. I wonder what book we will use for our maths work next time.

Click on the link or use the document.


 Good morning EYFS,

Here is Day 4 of the maths activities for Oliver's Vegetables. Are you enjoying it? Did you manage to listen to the story on You Tube?

Click on the link or use the document.


Good morning EYFS,

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  This week we are going to be looking at the story 'Oliver's Fruit Salad'.  Please see below for a range of activities which are linked to the story.   I hope you enjoy them!

Hi Parents/Carers,

Please find further information regarding the Summer Reading Challenge below.


 Good morning EYFS,

Here is Day 3 of the maths activities for Oliver's Vegetables. Are you enjoying it? Did you manage to listen to the story on You Tube?

Click on the link or use the document.


Hello EYFS

Here is Day 2 of the maths activities for Oliver's vegetables, remember you can find the book on You Tube.

Click on the link or use the document.


Hello EYFS

Here are some maths activities that start with a story, but don't worry if you don't have the book,

you can do the activities anyway, or you can find it on You Tube.

Click on the link or use the document.



Hello EYFS,

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  Below are some activities for you to try.  The activities are linked to the story 'Monkey Puzzle'.  You can click on the link below to watch the story being retold.   

Hello EYFS,

What a lovely sunny day it is today.

Here is a little maths video all about finding half. I hope you enjoy watching it. Afterwards you could try the activity or think about all the things you can halve at home. Halving is a really good way of sharing between 2 people. Have fun.


Good morning EYFS

Here is another maths video for you. This time it is all about making groups by sharing. I'm sure you can think of lots of things you can share out at home. Have fun.


Hello Reception Parents and Carers,

There are some great Letters and Sounds daily phonics lessons on you tube for your child to watch and interact with.  The Reception lesson is uploaded every weekday at 10 am.  Click on the link below and take a look...

Good morning to everyone in EYFS

Here is a short lesson on grouping. Watch the lesson before you try the activity. I hope you enjoy it.



Here are some learning activities for the week ahead!

Number work....

(If you scroll down the page there are some more maths activities you might like to try.)

Our story this week is Supertato...

Talk about fruit, veg and keeping healthy...

Practise your phonics...

Choose your own stories...

Hi parents/carers, 

You can also visit the oxford owl website for more e-books for your child to read at home.  You can select books suited to your child's age or by their letters and sounds phonics phase.  Just click on the link below and you can register for free.

Hello EYFS

Click on this video link for a lesson on doubling. The lesson takes 8 minutes. Next, try the activity sheet.

Can you find doubles at home? Practise the language of doubling.

Good morning EYFS

Here is some maths practise for you. If it is not quite right for you then go to Year 1's page.


Here are some new activities to try this week... 

'Whatever Next!' story and activities...

'Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons' story ...

Pete the Cat subtraction activity...

Hi Parents

I am putting some maths ideas and resources for you on the Maths at home page. I hope you find them useful.


Some more ideas for exploring shape...


Meet Pete the Cat in this week's story....


Why not try this Pete the cat craft activity?

A Science activity to try...

Try this fun counting activity....

Go on a shape hunt around your house....

Another shape activity to try...


Engage in some sensory play with jelly...


Science activities to explore!

Maths activities - counting and money!

'Dear Zoo' try this speaking and listening activity...

Get creative inside on this rainy day and make your own play dough for dough disco...

Some activities to try...


Go on a nature trail and make your own mini-beast out of natural objects!


Good morning! Here is a Literacy activity to try...


Get creative by making your own colourful bee...


The children have been working hard with their learning this week...

I have had lots of fun making my own clay and decorating it!

I have enjoyed making DIY clay and decorating it!

I made a face with leaves, sticks and stones I found in my garden.

I've enjoyed leaf printing with my paints.

We have enjoyed listening to 'Superworm' and are now drawing pictures of the different characters in the story!

I have been working hard on my leaf print picture!

I have been working hard on my leaf print picture!

I have had lots of fun guessing how many Lego pieces were in my shoe!


Take a look at these different Early Years activities CITC have created...

Mental Health Awareness Week


18th - 24th May

Here are some feel good challenges and activity ideas.



Here is a Literacy activity to try...


This week we are going on a hunt for natural objects in our gardens / shared outdoor spaces to collect objects for painting/printing - or if you don't have any paint in your house, you could make a collage of the items you have collected!


Here are some maths activities to try...


This week we are making Bird houses out of recycled milk and juice cartons! 

Look at our bird houses!


We have been working very hard with our learning this week...

I made number cards and I have been adding and subtracting using counters from my games.

I have been playing reading games on my tablet.

I wrote about Gerald from the story 'Giraffes Can't Dance'.

I have really enjoyed helping my Mum in the kitchen and making my own sandwiches!

I have had lots of fun putting numerals 1-10 in order!

We have enjoyed practicing writing different words using paintbrushes and water outside our house!

I have been working hard to match the coins to the correct amounts!

I read 'The Very Hungary Caterpillar', then made a list of my favourite foods.

We've been learning about caterpillars.  Look at our writing!

We played games with number cards and bricks (or anything we could stack).

I have enjoyed stacking my picture cards to make a tower!

I've been busy doing my home learning workpack.


Maths activities to try...


Get messy today and enjoy making these different edible slime recipes!


Giraffes Can’t Dance
Watch the clip below or read the book (if you have it).
Talk with your child about how Gerald feels at different points in the story and why. At the end of the story Gerald says “We all can dance, when we find the music that we love.”

Have a family dance time! Each family member (who wants to join in), chooses a favourite song and leads on the dancing for their chosen song. We all like different music and dancing in different ways and that’s okay!

Challenge Reception children
Can they write a sentence about Gerald?

You could also watch a clip to see how real giraffes move!


Making simple snacks
Involve your child in making simple sandwiches or snacks. Here are some ideas:

Bananas and ice cream
• Encourage your child to peel (you may need to start them off)
• Chop the banana (with a table knife or child’s knife)
• Put the banana in a bowl
• Scoop a spoon of ice cream and put it on top of the bananas (allow the ice cream to soften a little first)
• Enjoy!

Making sandwiches
• Encourage your child to spread soft butter or sandwich spread (with a table knife or child’s knife) and add their chosen filling.


Remind children to wash their hands first! 
This clip from the NHS helps young children learn the proper handwashing technique.


Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs offers online reading games and activities. They currently have a free 30 day trial offer.  To join you need to create a login with an email address but no card details are required.  There are activities available for both Nursery and Reception.



Here are some mini-beast craft ideas and there is a DIY clay recipe below.



Exploring outdoors

Ideas from STEM learning!


All about caterpillars!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Watch the story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ (see link below) or read the book if you have it!
Talk about all the food the caterpillar eats. Encourage your child to talk about their favourite food. Can Reception children write a list of their favourite foods? Can Nursery children draw their favourite food?


Learn about real caterpillars!

Watch the clip ‘Minibeast Adventure – Caterpillars’ (see link below)
What do real caterpillars do?  Can you draw a picture of a caterpillar?

Reception children - Can you write a sentence about caterpillars?


Learn more about rainy days! 

Watch this clip, then explore your garden or go for a walk after the rain has stopped.


I watched this clip, then went to look for snails in my garden.  I found flowers and spring onions 'da cong' (in Chinese) growing in my garden.

Here are some Literacy activities to explore...


Here are some more maths activities to explore....


Good morning everybody,

There are lots of free Maths and Literacy resources for Early years children (in the Pre-school section) on this website


Ideas to support your child's play

The website below is currently free, you sign up using your first name and mobile phone number and ideas for activities and games are sent to your phone.  The activities are play based and aimed at early years children (0 to 5 year olds).

This week we have been making bird feeders!

Week beginning 27.4.20

We had a great time making the bird feeders, now we are waiting for the birds to come and eat the bread!!

Our theme for the summer term is 'Out and About'

This theme will give the children lots of opportunities to explore the outdoors and investigate the topics of growth, change and living things. We will learn about the plants and creatures living in our gardens and beyond. We will continue to share learning activities on our website and via email.  Below is a planning overview for the term.  If you have any suggestions or questions please get in touch via our class emails.

This week we are exploring outside through creating nature treasure boxes and bug hotels...

Week beginning 20.4.20

We have had lots of fun finding and collecting leaves, twigs, stones and grass from our garden in our egg boxes! 

I have had lots of fun collecting twigs outside to make my bug hotel!


If you are unsure about the pronunciation of the phonemes your children are working on, please see the link below.  It takes you to a clip that models saying each sound.

Online reading books!

How to access free Big Cat reading resources! 
Go to Collins Connect and click on the Teacher portal and enter:
Password: Parents20!
and click Login.
Once you’ve logged into Collins Connect, select Collins Big Cat to access reading books.

Online decodable comics!

Download free decodable comics from
Select 'comics' then choose a comic that matches your child’s phonics phase.

Books for all!

Access to online books for all ages to explore and enjoy - 


Literacy Activities

Below are some poems you can share with your child.  With a little help, Reception children can write their own animal poem.  Nursery children will be able to talk about their ideas too!

Try this speaking and listening activity based on 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt', a favourite story in our Foundation Stage.

More science activities to explore!

Week beginning 20.4.20


Good afternoon everyone,

Trentham Monkey Forest have added home-schooling resources and live videos to their website below. 

Have fun and stay safe!

Here are some new activities to try! 

Week beginning 20.4.20

Happy Easter!

This week we're making Easter hats.


3rd April 2020

Can you make an Easter hat?

We usually have an Easter hat parade in Early Years. To help us celebrate this year we are inviting children to create a hat with whatever resources you have at home. Just reply to the recent email with a photo of your child's hat or email it to your child's class email by Friday 10th April.

Summer term planning overview...

Some science activities to try...


Children have been sharing photos of their home learning. 

We are so proud of you all!!

We look forward to seeing you again sometime soon.

Week beginning 30.3.20

I've been playing with play dough and have been naming other things which are the same colour or start with the same initial sound.

I've been playing phonics games.

I've been counting with my toy fish.

I made an obstacle course and completed it independently.

We hope you are all keeping well!

Have you tried a Family Fun Plan? 

We've added an example below, to help you plan your days at home.



Good Morning children and families... We hope you're all well...


If you enjoy singing, being creative, watching classic comedy clips and learning how to keep safe, then you might really enjoy the 'Sesame Street' website. There is plenty to entertain young people and to stay busy !

                                                                           Have fun team 


Calling all Dr Suess fans!...



 Good Morning guys,if you love all things 'Dr Seuss' then the 'Seussville' website will be prefect for you.There is lots to make and do,you can learn about the globally famous author.He is a timeless favourite for both adults and children.There are recipes,games and Printable's as well as his popular art.


                                        Have a happy, productive and safe weekend, love from all your staff


Good afternoon everyone,


Chester Zoo have added some free home learning activities/videos on their website which look quite interesting...

Have fun and stay safe!

Activity ideas for early years children...


                                                                                                  Good Morning 

Click on the link below if you would like some recipe ideas,nutritional information,and lifestyle advise to help keep your spirits raised and to help you and your families stay healthy and active. There are some short burst exercises you might get enjoyment from. This page is part of the NHS England 'Change for life' programme.


                                                                                              Try it out guys,stay well

Useful Websites to support home learning!

Phonics and Reading

Teach your monster to read

Phonics Bloom

Phonics Play

Oxford Owl



White Rose Maths


Cbeebies Numberblocks

More Interactive Educational Games

Cbeebies Games

Top Marks Games


Keeping Healthy

Games from City sports coaches

Cosmic Kids Yoga

The Body Coach

Food a Fact of Life


More guidance and resources

Twinkl - Website full of educational resources


Keep in touch!

We hope you are all keeping well!  If you have any questions or would like to share your child's work.  Just get in touch...


Helpful links for Reception maths 

(This one has KS1 activities but some children can give the addition connect four a try.  Just make sure they have objects to count!)

100 things to do indoors, how many can you do this week?

Health and wellbeing challenges for all ages!


Early Years Foundation Stage

"In the early years, teachers ensure that there is an emphasis on developing children’s speaking and listening skills. The learning environment both inside and outside is well resourced and organised. Children have many opportunities to explore and investigate. They are excited to learn, and they join in eagerly."  

(Ofsted 2019)


We have a 60 place Foundation Stage Unit with Nursery and Reception children. Within the unit we have four family groups. Each group is led by a key person who has special responsibilities for working with a small number of children.

Our theme this spring term is.....

‘Once Upon a Time’

This theme will give the children lots of opportunities to listen to, read and retell some well-known traditional tales such as Jack and the Beanstalk and Cinderella. These tales demonstrate the strengths of a good story and children will learn about characters, settings and plots enabling them to create stories of their own.


Ducks and Chicks visiting Foundation Stage

In Foundation Stage, we have been visited by the school Chicks and Ducklings.

The Children had the opportunity to look at the birds and carefully stroke them.

The baby chicks were very soft and small.

The ducklings moved very fast and liked to sit in the water.

It was wonderful for the children to see and learn about these birds.


Freshwater theatre visiting Foundation Stage

March 2020

The Children in Foundation Stage received a very interesting visit from the Freshwater theatre company.

The Children were able to go on a fairy-tale story hunt. They looked for special clues to try and figure out what the story could be. They used props and searched around different areas. They enjoyed dressing up and using the musical instruments.

After their hunt, the Children enjoyed a special fairy-tale lunch in their classroom. It was a very exciting day.

Here are some of our photographs!

World Book Day

March 2020

For World Book day the Children were invited to come into school wearing their pyjamas or dress up as their favourite book character.

The theme this year is ‘Share a million stories’

Children were encouraged to share as many stories as they could at home and in school.

We invited parents into school to share a story with their child, the children had a fantastic day!

Growing Beanstalks

February 2020

In Nursery as part of our ‘Once Upon a Time’ theme, the Children have been looking at the story ‘Jack and The Beanstalk’

The Children planted their own bean plant to grow their own beanstalks. They carefully chose a bean and added soil to their pot and waited for it to grow.

The Children watched the plants grow taller and taller.

After they had grown, each Child took their bean plant home.

Chinese New Year

January 2020

The Children in Foundation stage have been celebrating Chinese New Year.

We have looked at the story behind Chinese New Year. The Children have enjoyed listening to what happened in the race and which animal came first and the order of the other animals.

They have also been drawing their own pictures of the animals and doing some Chinese writing.

The Children enjoyed having a Chinese New Year party and coming into school wearing their party clothes.

For lunch, the Children enjoyed having some Chinese stir fry. It was delicious!

The Children did some Chinese dancing in the hall using ribbon, they tried to move like the Chinese dragons moving to the side and up and down.

In Reception, they enjoyed tasting some spring rolls and prawn crackers.

The Children had a fantastic day!

Foundation Stage Christmas Celebrations!

December 2019

We have been celebrating Christmas in Foundation Stage, we have had our very own party.

The Children did some dancing in the hall, they also played some party games and received some prizes.

The Children came back into the classroom to eat their yummy party food. Whilst they were eating, they had a special visitor!

It was Father Christmas with lots of exciting presents for the Children.

The Children had a fantastic time! Here are some photographs from our exciting day!

Article 14- You have the right to choose your own religion and beliefs. Your parents should help you decide what it is right and wrong, and what is best for you.

Article 31- You have the right to play and rest.

Foundation Stage Family Seal

November 2019

Parents and Carers were invited to come along and play games and have fun with their child.

The children and adults participated in activities and find new exciting ideas about playing with their children.

Thank you to all of the Parents and Carers for coming into school, the children had a fantastic time!

Enjoy the photographs below!

Article 29- Your education should help you use and develop your talents and abilities. It should also help you learn to live peacefully, protect the environment and respect other people.

Article 31- You have the right to play and rest.

 Friendship Week and Children in Need

November 2019

For Friendship Week in Foundation Stage, we have been doing lots of fun activities and looking at what it is to be a good friend.

We have been looking at the story ‘The very helpful Hedgehog’

Isaac the hedgehog learns what it is to have a friend and to be helpful.

We also participated in ‘Odd Socks Day’

The Children and staff were asked to wear a pair of odd socks to celebrate individuality and show that everybody is unique.

During Friendship week, we celebrated Children in Need.

The children came into school wearing non-uniform aiming to raise money for the charity.

We also had our friendship feast, the children had a very special picnic with their friends inside the classroom.

Article 15- You have the right to choose your own friends and join or set up groups, as long as it isn’t harmful to others.

Article 27- You have the right to food, clothing, and a safe place to live and to have your basic needs met. You should not have to be disadvanted so that you can’t do as many of the things other kids do.

Diwali Celebrations

October 2019

The Children in Foundation Stage have been celebrating ‘Diwali’

Throughout the week, we read the Diwali story of ‘Rama and Sita’

The children were very interested in this, they enjoyed how Rama and Hanuman saved Sita from Ravana.

For lunch, the Children tried some delicious curry and tasty mango ice-cream.

Afterwards we went into the hall and did some Diwali dancing. The Children have a brilliant time!Article 14- You have the right to choose your own religion and beliefs. Your parents should help you decide what it is right and wrong, and what is best for you.

Article 14- You have the right to choose your own religion and beliefs. Your parents should help you decide what it is right and wrong, and what is best for you.

Article 30- You have the right to practice your own culture, language and religion – or any you choose. Minority and indigenous groups need special protection from this right.

Carnival in Foundation Stage

October 2019

In Foundation Stage, we have been celebrating Carnival.

The children have prepared by watching a video and seeing how people around the world celebrate Carnivals.

They made their own party hats, the Children decorated them with lots of different materials.

We also made our own shopping list, this children thought of things that we would need and like to eat. The Children wanted their own cake, and some tasty treats.

For their lunch, the Children had some special Carnival food. They enjoyed chicken and rice with some yummy mango ice-cream for their dessert.

For our party, the Children had their faces painted and wore their own party clothes.

Afterwards, we went into the hall and did some Carnival dancing.

Article 30- You have the right to practice your own culture, language and religion – or any you choose. Minority and indigenous groups need special protection from this right.

Reading and Phonics in Reception

September 2019

Miss Rickman and Mrs O'Mara delivered a session to parents and carers on to how to help their children in their reading and phonics.

They gave useful tips of how to help their child at home, they also spoke about how school teach the children phonics.

Parents and Carers were free to ask questions and speak about any worries regarding reading and phonics.

See the slides below for advice and useful information.

September 2019

We have welcomed lots of new children into our setting this term. 

Here are some photographs of the children enjoying their time in Foundation Stage.