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Year 3

Who fancies making their very own 'Time Capsule'?...


Hi guys, as you are aware, we are all currently part of an historical event. Why not record what you have been doing whilst at home keeping safe with your families. In this word document, is a printable little booklet you can work through to remind yourself in the future how you spent your time.

Have a restful Easter break - take care, from all of your staff at St Augustine's


W/B 30.03.20 - Homework

Hi Year 3, Mrs Mohammed here, hope you're all well! :) I have uploaded a year 3 home learning pack (see below) with some nice Maths, Writing and Reading activities to keep you all busy!

Miss you all lots!

Stay safe.

Good afternoon Team Year 3... 


If you love history, you're in the right place...on this website you can explore and learn about your favourite periods from the past. There are quizzes, worksheets and lots more linking to World Wars, The Egyptians and The Greek plus many articles you might like to read. 


                                     Enjoy guys! maybe you could create your own fact files

If you're a budding scientist, this site is perfect for you! ...


Good morning all, we hope you have had a restful weekend. If you enjoy learning about how things work, and like experiments then you and your families might get hours of educational fun from this website. You may need to seek permission from your adults before doing some of the they can be messy!


                                                            Take care team!

Calling all Dr Seuss fans!...


Good Morning guys,if you love all things 'Dr Seuss' then the 'Seussville' website will be prefect for you.There is lots to make and do,you can learn about the globally famous author.He is a timeless favourite for both adults and children.There are recipes,games and Printable's as well as his popular art.


                 Have a happy, productive and safe weekend, love from all your staff.


26.03.2020... Good Morning children and families  on this beautiful sunny day...  We are  missing you all  very much.

If you enjoy the Arts, being creative and have a curious mind, then the 'Tate Modern kids' website is for you. There you will find plenty to keep you occupied with lots to see and do. Maybe do a piece of Art and we could share your work with your classmates.


                                                                              Have a lovely day team


                                                                                             Good Morning 

Click on the link below if you would like some recipe ideas,nutritional information,and lifestyle advise to help keep your spirits raised and to help you and your families stay healthy and active. There are some short burst exercises you might get enjoyment from. This page is part of the NHS England 'Change for life' programme.


                                                                                        Try it out guys,stay well



We all hope you and your families are keeping safe and well. Click on the link below if you are a fan of one of the UK's best selling children's authors 'David Walliams' . On his web page you can navigate around and find lots of fun activities linking to his World famous books. You can also tune in everyday at 11am, for 'elevenses' where he shares daily audio-book story times. His tales are full of humour and will help to make you smile.


                                     Take care guys- Enjoy! 

Useful Websites for Children


Times Table Rock Stars:

All children have own login.

Hit the Button:

Corbettmaths Primary:


Free trial available for coronavirus support.



Oxford owl:

Reading Eggs

Register for a free trial and get 2 weeks free access to reading resources. 

Spelling Frame:



Nasa Kids club:






BBC bitesize:

Website with lots of educational games. 

Education Quizzes:

Education quizzes on different subjects. 


Website full of educational resources. A month’s free access will be given if school’s are closed, A code will be sent out if this happens.

Setting up is really easy to do – go to  offer and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS

Activities to do at Home

Spring Term 2020

Sport Relief

To celebrate Sport Relief, we dressed up in red or sports clothes. We collected money for the charity, and had a great day doing lots of sports activities.

We also had some visitors.

Science Week

As part of Science Week, we made a class wonder wall. It has all the interesting questions that Year 3 want to know the answers to.

We got to see lots of exciting science experiments in assembly. Some of our Year 3 children helped out.

We made an amazing poster about Mary Anning. This is someone we had been learning about. We presented our poster to the whole school, telling everyone interesting facts about her and the wonderful fossils she found.

World Book Day

As it was World Book Day, the children dressed up as their favourite characters and they all looked fantastic. We had a wonderful day looking which genre our books fall into, looking at blurbs to decide which books we'd like to read and which qualities make our favourite books so exciting.

Miss Mohammed and Miss Howarth shared their favourite books, reading them to the class. We were also lucky enough to have some parents visit in the afternoon and share their favourite books too!

3th February-7th February 2020. STAYING SAFE WEEK. Staying Safe Week is a week of activities and events that highlights safety and the measures which students should be taking to ensure they stay safe both inside and outside of the school.

Children have been learning about First Aid and what they can do to help themselves and others if an accident occurs, as if they found someone unconscious and need to put them into the recovery position.

Students also went on a Road Safety walk and practiced crossing the road safely. After that we talked about what they had learned.

E-safety, we looked at how communication online differs from communication in person and the importance of keeping personal information in private.

Article 24: You have the right to feel safe and be kept safe.

Autumn Term 2019

20.12.19 Today Year 3 had his Christmas party. We danced and played some games at the hall and after that ate some food. We also received a present that needs to be opened at Christmas day. Everyone enjoyed being together and had a very good time.

29.11.19 Our wonderful Leyriah was chosen to go along to Ms Shah's office at lunch time and have a drink!

20.11.19 Today we celebrated the 30th birthday of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). Our challenge was to “go blue” to represent the colour of Unicef.

Door to the past. We explored what life was like before the Convention was adopted by the UN in 1989. We interviewed a teacher assistant from our school who was at our school before the Convention. Using the information gained from the interviews, we created a role play of the life of a child before the Convention.

 11.10.19 This morning in class we made our very own stone age bread in order for us to write our instructions in literacy. We got all the basic ingredients we needed just like in the stone age and measured the correct amount out. We then mixed all the ingredients together to make the dough ready for Miss Williamson to cook. It was very messy but very fun!

In the afternoon after Miss had cooked our bread and it had cooled we all had the opportunity to try the bread we had made. It went down a treat everyone really enjoyed it!

Here are some pictures to show the steps we took to make and pictures of us all loving the finished product...


10.10.19 Today was the launch of our new improved breakfast club sponsored by Pretty Little Thing and Greggs. We were joined by some staff from Pretty Little Thing and they brought along their very own bus for us to have a dance in. On the bus we were given different accessories and clothes to wear and model, we went upstairs on the bus where we took part in our very own class catwalk whilst listening to all our favourite music! It was so much fun, we had a great time.

3.10.19 This afternoon we went to Manchester Central Library with year 4 to meet the poet Matthew Goodfellow as part of National Poetry Day. We had lots of fun listening to some of the different poems he had written and even got to join in with some of them. We worked together with Matthew to create a poem and then had the opportunity to use the poem and our own ideas to create one ourselves. It was a great afternoon full of laughter the children enjoyed every minute.

20.9.19 Today we had the excitement of our Stone Age workshop delivered to us by Clud the Stone Age man. We had a brilliant day with lots of fun activities including dressing up in our stone age outfits. We learnt so many great things such as the tools and materials they used, how they had to hunt for their food and how they cooked during the Stone age times.

We took part in our own hunting activity where we had to try and hunt the different animals. We learnt that if they hunted a mammoth it would feed them for 3 months where as if they hunted a deer it would only feed them for a month. We then took part in a quiz where we had to read through lots of interesting information to find the answers where we learnt lots more great things!

In the afternoon we took part in a fishing activity using fishing rods that they used in stone age times. We had to try and see how many fish we could catch as a team in order to feed everybody. We learnt about what kinds of foods they hunted and what they gathered like nettles, fruits and nuts etc.

Overall we all a great exciting day! We all had so much fun.

Article 29. your education should help you use and develop your talents and abilities.

Parliament Week 09.09.19 - 13.09.19

13.09.19 TAKE-OVER DAY!!! Today was take-over day in school. We had a new Head Teacher and Deputy Head Teacher for the day and we also had a new class teacher and teacher's assistant. Curtis and Amelia did a phenomenal job taking over the teacher's roles for the day giving out instructions and keeping the class under control. Some of the other pupil's also had a chance to take over teaching lessons. We learnt paper art with Salha, Dance with Aida, April and Stacey and we also had a penalty shoot out lead by Marcus. We had a great day!

12.09.19 In Thursday's assembly we listened to the year 6's who wanted to be put forward to be our Head Teacher and Deputy Head teacher for the day as part of take-over day. In the afternoon our class went into the hall with our voting slips and one by one entered the voting booth where we marked who we wanted to vote for and then we posted our vote into the post box ready for the votes to be counted.

Article 12. You have the right to give your opinion, and for adults to listen and take it seriously!

11.09.19 Today in class the children wrote speeches relating to whether we wanted to be in the School Council, Eco Group and the Rights Respecting Steering Group. The children created some great speeches. In the afternoon each child read out their speech to the class and the class took part in a vote to decide who was going to be our representatives for the class. As a class we voted that Stacey and Aida were going to be our School Council Representatives, Jeremiah and Lucas were to represent us in Eco-group and lastly, Amelia and Angela to be our Right Respecting School Steering Group representatives.

10.09.19 As part of parliament week this week, today year 3 participated in their own classroom debate to get a feel of what a real debate would be like. Our motion for the debate was 'Can anything be a toy?'  Every child chose whether they wanted to be on the opposing side or proposing side of the argument or whether they wanted to be part of the audience. We had an interesting debate with great ideas for both sides of the argument and then eventually we had a vote to decide which side we thought had the best argument. As a class we decided that the opposing side had the best argument and that not anything could be a toy.

12.09.19 Today Year 3 went to Manchester Central Library to watch a performance of 'The Twits' by John Kirk. The children loved the performance and were really interested all the way through. Ava, Andrada Lucas and Marcus also had the opportunity to join in with the Twits very own Upside Down Monkey Circus. Mrs Mohammed and Miss Williamson were very surprised to see how many of the Roald Dahl books the children knew. We had a brilliant morning!

Today we created our class prayer. We worked together to make our prayer special for us as a class. We say this prayer at the end of everyday to show how thankful we are for our lives and the things we have.

Welcome to Year 3...

We hope you had an amazing holiday and are excited to come back and learn lots of great new things!

The topic focus in year 3 this term is 'The Stone Age'.

Whilst covering this topic, we will be combining our learning with other areas of the curriculum such as Literacy, Science, History, Art, D.T and Music!

Take a look at our class newsletter to find out more information on what we will be learning this term...

Our Curriculum Mindmap Autumn Term...

Reading At Home...

It is really important for your child's education that they read as much as possible. We ask that you try to listen to your child read at home every night and each time you do please make sure your child writes a short summary of what they have read in their reading diary. Please make sure your child brings their book bag with their reading book and reading diary in it to school every day! 

PE & outdoor games...

Our Class's PE & Outdoor games lessons will be taught on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please make sure your child has their PE kit in school for these days. Their PE kit should consist of black shorts, a white t-shirt and either trainers or pumps. 

PE will be taught once a week on a Tuesday with gymnastics or dance. Outdoor games will also be taught once a week on Thursdays.


Homework will be given out every Friday and needs to be returned by Tuesday. If your child has any difficulties understanding the homework they can bring this to our attention on Monday and we will be able to offer support in order for them to complete it on time.


Spellings will be given once a week as part of your child’s homework and we ask if you could help your child to learn and practice these spellings in time for the weekly spelling test.