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Good morning Year 4, please visit the Manchester Libraries youtube page where they have lots of fun activities for you to enjoy over the summer.  For over nine weeks they will entertain you with a daily activity – from 'Draw Alongs', poetry and storytelling to craft ideas to do at home – there’s something for everyone!


Good morning Year 4,

Well done for working hard on your maths at home. If you would like to continue over the holiday you will find plenty to do on this website.

I am really looking forward to seeing you all again in September when you will be the new Year 5 and I will be your teacher. It's going to be a fantastic year.

See you soon, Ms Wright


Hello Year 4,

Today we are learning how to write decimals. Watch the video lesson before you try the activities.

Remember, if these activities are not quite right for you then look at the work from another year group.


Good morning Year 4,

as we are nearing the end of this academic year, it is time to reflect on what you have enjoyed during your time in year 4 and look ahead to your exciting adventure in year 5.  Use the template below as a guide to write about your favourite memories.


 Hello Year 4,

Today we are learning about finding fractions of quantities. Watch the lesson before you try the activities.

Remember if these activities are not quite right for you, then look at the work from other year groups.



Hello again Year 4,

Today we are learning to subtract fractions. Watch the video lesson before you try the activities.


Good morning Year 4,

Follow the link to BBC bitesize.  Today's lesson is all about creating your own newspaper article.



Hello Year 4,

I hope you are enjoying the work on fractions. Today we are learning about adding fractions together.

Watch the video lesson before you try the activity.

If any of the maths activities are not quite right for you then look at the work in other year groups.

Hi Year 4, 

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!  Below is a reading comprehension activity all about elephants.


Good morning Year 4,

Today we are learning about fractions that are greater than 1.

Watch the video lesson before you try the activities.

You are all doing a really great job learning at home.


Hi Parents/Carers,

There is an app called Reading Eggspress which will support your child with their reading skills at home.  You can currently get a 30 day free trial and the app works well on phones, tablets and laptops.  Once your child is on the app they will be given an activity to do which will help to identify their reading level and then from this they will be provided with activities appropriate for them.  Please follow the link to find out more -

Hi Parents/Carers,

Please find further information regarding the Summer Reading Challenge below.


Good morning Year 4,

I hope you enjoyed your work on equivalent fractions. Today we are exploring equivalent fractions some more. Watch the lesson before you try the activities.

Hello Year 4,

Below is a list of the year 3 and 4 common exception words (spellings) for you to practice.  Take your time to work through as many as you can.  The words are listed alphabetically so you may want to start with the a's, then b's and so on.


Hi Year 4

I hope you enjoyed your work on tenths and hundredths yesterday. Today we are learning about equivalent fractions. Click on the link for the lesson before you try the activities.


Hi Year 4,

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  Below are some literacy activities based on the story 'The night shimmy' by Anthony Browne.


Hello Year 4,

Welcome to your next week of home learning. You are all doing a really good job. Well done to everyone who is using My Maths. Today we are learning to recognise tenths and hundredths. Click on the link for the lesson and then try the activities.


Hi Year 4 parents/carers,

Please follow the link for useful resources and helpful tips on how to read with your child

Also, please sign your child up for the summer reading challenge.  All the details are on the website -


Good morning Year 4

I hope you are enjoying some sunshine as well as enjoying some home learning. Today we are going to learn about factor pairs. That is the numbers that multiply together to make a numbers. So the factor pairs of 8 are: 1 and 8, 2 and 4 because 1 x 8 = 8 and 2 x 4 = 8. So the factors of 8 are: 1, 2, 4 and 8.

This video might help if you have forgotten how to find factors.

I hope you enjoy the task.


Good morning Year 4,

Here are some interesting rainforest animal fact files for you to read.  I hope you enjoy finding out about these interesting animals! There is also a template below which you can use to create your very own fact file.  Your fact file could be about one of the animals below or you may want to research a different rainforest animal.   


Hello Year 4,

Today's Literacy activity is all about what authors do -


Good morning Year 4,

Today's maths activity is all about multiplying 3 numbers. The video talks about the associative law, this is just it's name so don't panic.


Hello Year 4,

Today's literacy activity is all about understanding what you  have read - comprehension.  Just follow the link below...


Good morning Year 4,

I hope you enjoyed the work on area last week. Today we are looking at the 11 and 12 times table.

Check in again tomorrow for multiplying 3 numbers.


Hello again Year 4,

I have just been sent some, Maths on the Move challenges. Enjoy.


Good morning Year 4 and happy Monday.

Here are some measuring activities for you on area.

If these activities are not quite right for you, remember you can do the work from other year groups. This week we are all measuring.

Try this video link for a short lesson on area before you complete the tasks.

Also there is plenty to do on MY Maths. You all have a user name and password. Well done to everyone who has been online so far.


Hi Year 4, hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Take a look at the literacy activities below...


Hello Parents/Carers,

I have put some maths resources for home learning on the Maths at home page. This is a ten week block. I hope it is useful.There are 4 documents for Year 4.

If these materials are not suitable you can use the materials from other year groups.


Hi Year 4,

If you enjoy reading stories by Roald Dahl, take a look at his website.  There are lots of free activities related to some of his very famous stories.


Hi Year 4,

Take a look at the bbc bitesize website.  There are some great daily literacy activities for you to try.  Today's activity is all about using a dictionary.  Just follow the link below. 


Hi Year 4. Here are some science activities you might want to try, there's a similar pack of activities on Gardening for Nature on the Year 3 page you might also want to look at. 

Good morning Year 4. Here is a maths activity for you to try.


Hi Year 4, have a go at working through the activities in this literacy booklet.

Year 4 Links & Home Learning


Hi Year 4,

Have a go at the spelling, punctuation and grammar activities below.  You can discuss your answers with a grown up at home or write them down on a separate sheet of paper.


Here are some maths activities for you to try. Have fun!

Here are some science activities for you to try at home.


Hi Year 4,

Take a look at this punctuation power point and see if you can complete the challenges along the way!


Hello Year 4! I hope you've all had a lovely relaxing half term. Here is a great reading resource all about EXPLOSIONS! Have a read and see if you can tell someone in your household about something new you have learned. Take care and stay safe :) 




Here is a home learning pack all about DINOSAURS! I'm sure you'll enjoy giving some of the activities a go! 
I have also attached a link to a video all about dinosaurs too 


Good morning Year 4, hope you are all well. It is important to stay fit and healthy during lockdown. Here are some additional activities for you to try. 


Hi all :) Miss Thresh has created a lovely powerpoint to use during mental health week. Take a look!


I have also uploaded a maths booklet for the rest of this week which focuses on the 4 operations - add, subtract, multiply and divide. Just to keep your calculation skills sharp! 

Also, don't forget to scroll down the page and try some of the activities on the home learning grid. Remember you don't need to complete these all at once. You can take a couple of weeks to complete :) 


Good morning Year 4. I hope you are well and staying safe. This week is Mental Health Awareness week and the theme is kindness. Below is a calendar for you to choose two acts of kindness per day for either someone else or yourself. And remember....

  • It's okay not to feel okay
  • It's okay to need a break
  • It's okay to have bad days
  • It's okay to make mistakes
  • It's okay to feel unstable

Take care of yourselves, we miss you lots! xx


It is the start of another week. If you have managed to get through the 3rd homework pack, or just fancy doing something a little different, then here is a learning grid for you to complete this week. Enjoy! :) 


Good morning year 4. I hope you are all remembering to stay active during lockdown. Here are some activities you can do alongside as part of your 60 active minutes. Remember to drink lots of water to stay hydrated throughout the day! 


If you have ran out of things to read at home, here is a lovely text you can read all about....TOILETS!
On the link below, there are also some questions you can answer to test what you have found out.



Teaching our children about social distancing can seem quite a task. I have attached a good resource which includes a PowerPoint to help the children understand why it is important. You might find it useful to go through.


Check out this cool calendar for May - have a go and see if you can complete the mini task each day.


Hello Year 4, Miss Topping here.
I hope you have had a lovely weekend and are ready to do some learning this week. I spoke to a lot of you on the phone last week and, as promised, here is your 3rd homework pack for you to be getting on with over the next few weeks. 
There are a range of different worksheets on most subjects. 

Don't forget to scroll down the page to access different educational webites too!


Who is a fan of Science? I have uploaded some extra home activities and arts and crafts all about  Animals and their Habitats. Have a scroll through, I thought it might be quite nice as we had just started this Science topic in school. I have also put the Science Website at the bottom as there are tons of other topics the children can explore along with Science related magazines they can read too!

Enjoy guys! Can't wait to hear about what you've been up to. Take care and stay safe!



Trentham Monkey Forest have added some home-schooling resources to their website...have a look! 


Good afternoon everyone!!

Just wanted to let you all know that Collins are offering free access to their resources. Thought you might like to check them out! Here's how you can access... 

Go to Collins Connect and click on the Teacher portal and enter: 


Password: Parents20! and click Login. 

Once you’ve logged into Collins Connect, select Music Express from the menu page.

To access the Song Bank click the link on the welcome page.


Hello Year 4, Miss Topping here.
I know a few people will have finished their homework packs by now. Below is a Part 2 Homework Pack for you now to start completing. It includes Maths, Writing and Reading activities along with other foundation subjects such as History, Science, Geography, Art and PSHE worksheets.

Don't forget to scroll down the page to access different educational webites too!


Miss Topping here! Just a quick video to test how it goes. I am planning on doing a full Zumba dance workout soon which i will upload so you can dance along to. Show me your best moves and remember to give 100% energy with a huge smile on your face. Missing you all so much! :)

Who fancies making their very own 'Time Capsule'?...


Hi guys, as you are aware, we are all currently part of an historical event. Why not record what you have been doing whilst at home keeping safe with your families. In this word document, is a printable little booklet you can work through to remind yourself in the future how you spent your time.

Have a restful Easter break - take care, from all of your staff at St Augustine's

 Good afternoon Team Year 4...


If you love history, you're in the right place...on this website you can explore and learn about your favourite periods from the past. There are quizzes, worksheets and lots more linking to World Wars, The Egyptians and The Greek plus many articles you might like to read. 


                              Enjoy guys! maybe you could create your own fact files?

If you're a budding scientist, this site is perfect for you! ...



Good morning all, we hope you have had a restful weekend. If you enjoy learning about how things work, and like experiments then you and your families might get hours of educational fun from this website. You may need to seek permission from your adults before doing some of the they can be messy!


                                                               Take care team!

   Calling all Dr Seuss fans!...         


Good Morning guys,if you love all things 'Dr Seuss' then the 'Seussville' website will be perfect for you.There is lots to make and do,you can learn about the globally famous author.He is a timeless favourite for both adults and children.There are recipes,games and Printable's as well as his popular art.


                 Have a happy, productive and safe weekend, love from all your staff.


Good Morning children and families  on this beautiful sunny day...  We are  missing you all  very much.

If you enjoy the Arts, being creative and have a curious mind, then the 'Tate Modern kids' website is for you. There you will find plenty to keep you occupied with lots to see and do. Maybe do a piece of Art and we could share your work with your classmates.


                                           Have a lovely day team


Click on the link below if you would like some recipe ideas,nutritional information,and lifestyle advise to help keep your spirits raised and to help you and your families stay healthy and active. There are some short burst exercises you might get enjoyment from. This page is part of the NHS England 'Change for life' programme.


                                                                                             Try it out guys,stay well


I'm sure you have all heard about the wonderful Joe Wicks posting live PE sessions every morning at 9:00am. I have sent you all home with your 60 Active Minutes sheet (which I hope you are all completing) - but this is a great way to get in 30 of those active minutes. Not to mention, the family can join in and take part too! He live streams on Youtube, below is the link from today's PE session.

Missing you all - Enjoy!


We all hope you and your families are keeping safe and well. Click on the link below if you are a fan of one of the UK's best selling children's authors 'David Walliams'. On his web page you can navigate around and find lots of fun activities linking to his World famous books. You can also tune in everyday at 11am, for 'elevenses' where he shares daily audio-book story times. His tales are full of humour and will help to make you smile.


                                                        Take care guys - Enjoy! 

If your child has finished their homework pack, below are some additional activities they can complete in the exercise books they took home. 


Please feel free to leave a note or ask a question I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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