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Year 6

Autumn Term 2019

Take over Day          13.9.19

The new 'Ms Shah' did our class so proud!! What a wonderful future Headteacher we have in the making!


School Council, Rights Respecting and ECO 

Today we have announced our members of the School Council, Rights Respecting and ECO groups.

School Council - Lily Lou and Aaliyah

Rights Respecting - Awaal and Vera

Eco - Archie, Rukiya and Mariam 



Article 12. You have the right to give your opinion, and for adults to listen and take it seriously.

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Parliament Week


So the votes are in and we have our new Head and Deputy Head. We also have our new School Business Manager and Office Admin Assistant...


Headteacher - Vera

Deputy Headteacher - Daniel

School Business Manager - Macie

Office Admin Assistant - Seyifumni






Parliament Week   9.9.19 - 13.9.19


This week in school, children are learning all about what Parliament means and the meaning of political parties. 

Children have been enjoying learning the history of British politics and the struggles our ancestors endured so that both men and women can vote.


In school, we have held our own elections. Children throughout the school have voted for a Year 6 child to represent them as the new Ms Shah and Mr Gibaut for take over day on Friday. 

A selection of Year 6 children stood for these two positions and created a speech to talk to all the children in school about (very scary!), and gave reasons why to vote for them.


Children also voted for their School Business Manager and Office Admin Assistant and two of the children will spend the day helping out in the office!

Children voting at the polling stations....


Creative club

Today was the first after school creative club, we had an absolutely brilliant time!

We did some singing and little bit of expressive dance to 'The Lion King' Soundtrack. 


Then we all sat together and did some painting and drawing. It was wonderful!!

Today we did something a little bit different during our Maths lesson. We asked the question..

"Is there a million Millions in a jar of Millions?"

What do you think we found out???

There are 20,685 Millions in a jar of Millions!!!  







 P.S - Yes we did count every single one!!Image result for sweets millions


4.9.2019 Hello everybody, and welcome back to school. We are looking forward to a positive and exciting year in year 6. 


We have so many things to look forward to this year and we cant wait to share our adventures with you...



                                                                           WATCH THIS SPACE

Have a look at our Autumn Term Newsletter below...




This term, a very special, 'Creative Club' has been organised by Miss Gwynne. This is a fantastic opportunity for children to express themselves. They can paint, draw, write poetry, short stories even write song lyrics. This is their space to explore themselves and find a way to express their inner selves. 



Please find the permission letter below if your child wishes to attend this club. 



6.9.19                                AFRICAN DRUMMING


So today, year 6 got back into the swing of their African Drumming, they enjoyed a lovely session this morning, recapping some of their rhythms!! 


Miss Cookson and Miss Gwynne were very proud of what the children could remember and the enthusiasm the children showed!

Check us out!!!