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Year 6

Autumn Term 2019


26.11.19                                                      Creative Club meets FRIENDS


This week at Creative Club we enjoyed working on our drama and acting skills. We picked two scenes from one of our favourite TV programmes, Friends.

We each had a turn of the different characters during the rehearsal. Then we made a decision on who we felt showed the most likeness to certain characters. We recorded the theme song and the famous, 'Pivot' scene and 'Joey learns French'. When we weren't part of the acting scenes, we were developing our camera skills and filming instead. We had so much fun! 


Have a look at the videos we made below.





Hot chocolate with Ms Shah       22.11.19

This week, beautiful Aaliyah has been chosen to sit and spend some time with Ms Shah. Her infectious smile and her bubbly personality are just some of the reasons why Ms Shah chose her. Well done Aaliyah!


22.11.19                                                             Our DT Work

Over the last few weeks of term, Year 6 have been focusing on making circuits during our 'Electricity' unit in Science. We have also been reading the book, 'Letters from the Lighthouse' as part of our World War 2 topic in History (as you may remember from the Lighthouse tiles we made).

After a week of hard work and planning, children have designed and made some lighthouses. These have their own circuits included (very clever!)so that they can light up with the push of a switch. They also have an element of artistic design too! Miss Cookson and Miss Gwynne are so proud of the children's efforts!


Have a look...

20.11.19                        World Children's Day!


World Children’s Day was first established in 1954 as Universal Children's Day and is celebrated on 20 November each year to promote international togetherness, awareness among children worldwide, and improving children's welfare.
November 20th is an important date as it is the date in 1959 when the UN General Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child. It is also the date in 1989 when the UN General Assembly adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child.
Since 1990, World Children's Day also marks the anniversary of the date that the UN General Assembly adopted both the Declaration and the Convention on children's rights. World Children's Day offers each of us an inspirational entry-point to advocate, promote and celebrate children's rights, translating into dialogues and actions that will build a better world for children.


Today all children at St. Augustine's wore blue to show support of this and to celebrate our status as a Gold awarded Rights Respecting School!



11.11.19 - 15.11.19      Friendship Week

This week has been an  important week at St Augustine's. We have been enjoying friendship week in school.

Children have been thinking about what it means to be a good friend and how we celebrate being unique. All classes have looked at the behaviour policy and discussed all the different aspects of it. Year 6 children also enjoyed some 'Circle Time', discussing, very maturely, the very important subject of Bullying.
Friday was a lovely finish to the week as we enjoyed a 'Friendship Feast' together in the school hall. 

Year 6 Friendship pledge

15.11.19                           CHILDREN IN NEED 2019

What a special day in school today! It's non-uniform day! Why? Because we're celebrating Children in Need and raising lots of funds to go to this wonderful charity! 


13.11.19                                                              Cinema Trip


Today we had a really lovely day in Year 6. Today was Cinema Day. This was to celebrate our wonderful behaviour and excellent attendance.  We got the tram, whilst singing songs, and arrived at Manchester Printworks. We represented the school perfectly!

The film we went to see was called, 'The Kid who would be King'. It was awesome! We wont spoil it for you, but put it this way, we applauded with happiness at the end!! 



25.10.19 End of Half Term Celebration


So today was the last day of our first half term back at school (How quick has that gone!!)

Year 6 enjoyed a lovely day finishing of some end of unit tasks and Miss Cookson and Miss Gwynne had a bit of a surprise in store for the end of the day!

Throughout the first half term, we have been working very hard and so we felt it was important that the children who had shown maturity, consistent hard work and impeccable behaviour should be rewarded! Have a little look at the surprises below!



Remember we told you about the amazing ceramic tiles we were making??

Look at our AMAZING designs now!!!!!

21.10.19               What's on your Mind Manchester?

Over the last few weeks St Augustine's been taking part in an art project called 'What's on Your Mind Manchester?'

Every child in school made a hat. The idea was that children had to think about the different things that were on their minds. This included our worries, our interests and what we think about when we are sad. We decorated our own hats individually, so every hat is different.

They will be collected and put on display in the Whitworth Gallery in Manchester. WOW!

16.10.19                             BLACK HISTORY MONTH


This month in school, we are learning all about Black History. Children in all the school years are exploring different areas of Black History.

Today we had a visit from a special guest known as the 'Time Master'. She took us on a journey back in time and expanded our minds with knowledge. 

We had a great time and loved interacting with each other and role playing.

Have a little look at the pictures below...


15.10.19                                                    Our Fantastic Work


Today in Year 6 we have had a brilliant day. In particular, we want to share with you the work we have produced in the afternoon. Throughout the whole of this half term, we as a class have been reading 'Letters from the Lighthouse' during our shared reading sessions. This novel is to link in with our Topic on World War 2. We have been really enjoying this book and we are eager to finish it before the end of half term! (A chapter a day!)

This afternoon, we have been using our creative skills to produce tiles made from clay. We spent a couple of weeks designing our tiles beforehand. The tiles have 3D elements to them, and of course its all about lighthouses. As soon as they're dry were going to be painting them, keep your eyes peeled ready for the updates... ;-)


Check them out so far...




Today was an awesome day in school! It was the relaunch of our Breakfast Club! We had lots of people from Greggs, our sponsors, who came in spent some time with us. They brought in delicious Croissants, teacakes and some lovely fruit too! We also had some visitors from '', our other sponsors, and they took us on a huge double decker party bus. We did some dressing up and walked the cat walk... we were treated just like celebrities!! 



 Article 27. The right to eat nutritional food.

Article 31. The right to rest and play.


8.10.19 - Creative Club


Have you heard about the fun and shenanigans at our Creative Club? Every Tuesday 3.15pm to 4.00pm


Checkout the Year 6 clubs page. For more information, copy and paste the link below! 


See the source image















Trip to Stockport Air Raid shelter


Article 13 + 17 - The right to find things out and share what you think with others.

Today in year 6, we got a coach to Stockport and took a trip back in time..

Children had a fantastic day imagining themselves as World War 2 evacuees. They explored the huge shelters, 40 feet underground!

We dressed up, sang War songs, practised putting on gas masks, we even did some household chores, ready for our 'new life' with our 'new families'. 

The children were respectful, ready and safe whilst representing St Augustine's off site and their thirst for knowledge was wonderful!

Check us out...

Hot Chocolate with Ms Shah...












Image result for hot chocolate gif

Today Zainab and Mariam both enjoyed a lovely hot chocolate with Ms. Shah. This was all because of their sparkling attitude, hard work, dedication and impeccable behaviour throughout the week. Well done girls :)

Year 6 Triathlon Event

On Monday we had an extra special day in Year 6. We got the tram to Withington and took part in a Triathlon event, as part of the Brownlee Foundation for encouraging children to enjoy sports.


The Brownlee Foundation, set up by triathletes Alistair and Jonny Brownlee after their successes at the 2012 Olympics, was founded with the aim of encouraging children to enjoy sport and lead an active lifestyle.
The Brownlee Foundation’s key aims are to:
Inspire children to get active and lead healthy lifestyles.
Encourage children to regularly take part in sport and physical activity.
Provide Opportunity for children to participate in swimming, cycling, running and triathlon.
Develop Coaches to facilitate and encourage children to get involved with regular activity.

At the event the children swam, rode a bike and finished with running. It was pretty tough going!


But guess what... ???



Our Class Prayer


During our first week back in School, our class planned and wrote our prayer. We read this prayer at the end of each day to give thanks for our day.

Take over Day


The new 'Ms Shah' did our class so proud!! What a wonderful future Headteacher we have in the making!


School Council, Rights Respecting and ECO 

Today we have announced our members of the School Council, Rights Respecting and ECO groups.

School Council - Lily Lou and Aaliyah

Rights Respecting - Awaal and Vera

Eco - Archie, Rukiya and Mariam 



Article 12. You have the right to give your opinion, and for adults to listen and take it seriously.

Image result for parliament week








Parliament Week


So the votes are in and we have our new Head and Deputy Head. We also have our new School Business Manager and Office Admin Assistant...


Headteacher - Vera

Deputy Headteacher - Daniel

School Business Manager - Macie

Office Admin Assistant - Seyifumni






9.9.19 - 13.9.19 Parliament Week   


This week in school, children are learning all about what Parliament means and the purpose of political parties. 

Children have been enjoying learning the history of British politics and the struggles our ancestors endured so that both men and women can vote.


In school, we have held our own elections. Children throughout the school have voted for a Year 6 child to represent them as the new Ms Shah and Mr Gibaut for take over day on Friday. 

A selection of Year 6 children stood for these two positions and created a speech to talk to all the children in school about (very scary!), and gave reasons why to vote for them.


Children also voted for their School Business Manager and Office Admin Assistant and two of the children will spend the day helping out in the office!

Children voting at the polling stations....

9.9.19  Maths

Today we did something a little bit different during our Maths lesson. We asked the question..

"Is there a million Millions in a jar of Millions?"

What do you think we found out???

There are 20,685 Millions in a jar of Millions!!!  







 P.S - Yes we did count every single one!!Image result for sweets millions







Have a look at our Autumn Term Newsletter below...




This term, a very special, 'Creative Club' has been organised by Miss Gwynne. This is a fantastic opportunity for children to express themselves. They can paint, draw, write poetry, short stories even write song lyrics. This is their space to explore themselves and find a way to express their inner selves. 



Please find the permission letter below if your child wishes to attend this club. 





Hello everybody, and welcome back to school. We are looking forward to a positive and exciting year in year 6.

We have so many things to look forward to this year and we cant wait to share our adventures with you...