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Early Years Foundation Stage

Welcome back!

Welcome back to new and returning children and parents. It's lovely to have the children back in school and they are settling in so well.  

Nursery parents - Flu vaccinations for Nursery aged children!!

Nursery parents!

Don't forget to apply for your child's Reception place this term.  If you need any help please speak to a member of the Nursery team.

Let’s Celebrate!
This term our theme is ‘Let’s Celebrate’. This theme will give the children lots of opportunities to learn about themselves, their friends and their teachers. We’ll celebrate one another’s achievements and the qualities which make us each unique and special. The children will also learn about and celebrate a selection of Autumn festivals including Harvest, Diwali and Christmas.  Below is an overview for our intended learning.

EYFS Intended Learning


EYFS Intended Learning


EYFS Newsletter


EYFS Newsletter


Our Class Charter - Reception

In Reception, we made our class charter. We did this as a class and thought about how we would like to treat our friends and also our classroom and resources. 

The children thought very carefully and came up with some brilliant ideas. 

Carnival in Reception!

October 2020

As part of our theme 'Let's Celebrate!' we took part in Carnival celebrations. 

We looked at videos of how children celebrate carnival in different ways in the UK and around the world. 

We used our circle times to discuss what they do and how we could celebrate, the children understood that carnival can be linked to harvest and is used to celebrate this very important time. 

In class we made our own decorations and hats, the children also came into school in their party clothes. 

We had a fantastic party, the children enjoyed carnival dancing and yummy tropical fruit salad.  Here are some photographs from our amazing day!  

P.E with Mr Warran

October 2020

In Reception we have a weekly P.E sessions with Mr Warran. 

We work on a number of things, we move around and work on our gross motor skills. We also play group games and earning points and doing our best.

We have a great time!!

Carnival in Nursery! 

October 2020

 Nursery also took part in carnival celebrations, as part of our theme 'Lets celebrate!'  We read the story 'Nini at Carnival' and watched a video clip of children preparing for and celebrating carnival with their friends.

In expressive arts and design we explored carnival through music and dance.  The children moved to the beat of the carnival rhythms and used percussion instruments to make carnival sounds.  The children also made carnival hats, decorating them using feathers, glitter, sequins and stickers. 

We all really enjoyed our carnival, celebrating with our friends and trying yummy tropical fruits.



It's Autumn!

October 2020

The Nursery children have been noticing and talking about seasonal changes. One of the first changes we noticed is that the leaves on the trees have changed from shades of green to yellows, oranges and browns and lots of leaves have fallen onto the ground.  We enjoyed collecting leaves to make autumn collage pictures.  We also had fun playing in the leaves with our friends.  When the rain came it turned the leaves slimy and soggy, we helped to sweep them up so we didn't slip.  We don't mind the rain though, we have waterproof suits and wellies to keep us dry.  We love splashing in puddles - but Miss says only with our wellies on!

Balance bikes...

October 2020

Ready, Steady...GO! 

This half term the Nursery children have been learning to ride balance bikes. They are becoming increasingly confident, using their balance and coordination skills to manoeuvre the bikes. They are also learning that exercise helps us to stay healthy. 



We're going on a bear hunt....

November 2020

We're going on a bear hunt, we're going to catch a big one!!


To follow on with the story book we're going on a bear hunt, the children went off to explore the big playground and find the bear for themselves. The nursery children was able to follow and incorporate the exciting adventure of the book as they wade through the grass, splash through the river and squelch through the mud in search of the bear. What a surprise awaits them in the cave on the other side of the dark forest!