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Year 1

Welcome Back 

Friendship Week!

Friendship is something that's plentiful in year one, and it definitely shows. Here's what we've been up to this week...

Children In Need Day!

Year One had the honour this year of being the class to organise this very special day; to come up with ways of making money for the cause, and for raising awareness throughout our school. The build up to the big day was filled with whole class brainstorming and team work, and our wonderful students came up with dozens of creative, exciting ideas! We also focussed a lot of learning through our PSHE lessons on what is the meaning of Children In Need, why do we have this special day, and who is it intended to help. Whilst showing huge amounts of concern, our gorgeous children were beyond interested, and were so eager to help. Our school council rep's got to work right away; taking the classes ideas to the big office (they zoomed Ms Shah to be precise). After much deliberation, the girls came back to the class and said that we are going to create a campaign for a 'non-uniform day', where each child throughout the school is to bring in a donation for wearing their own clothes at school. Our school council, and in fact the class as a whole worked very hard on raising awareness and we as their staff are beyond proud of them. 

T   H   I   S     I   S     A     P   U   B   L   I   C     S   E   R   V   I   C   E     A   N   N   O   U   N   C   E   M   E   N   T!!!!!

Black History Month

Year one have worked incredibly hard on their learning for Black History Month - our key figure was Ruby Bridges, the first African American to go to a white school in America. Here is what some of our students had to say... 

Congratulations Tilly for your hot chocolate with Miss Shah. Your smile and attitude makes the school a happier place, and we are so proud! :) 

Clean Air Day!

"Clean air for all!! Clean air for all"" 

Year one took to the streets of Monsall, to protest for our right to 'clean air' -  something we have been learning about during lesson time; with plenty of discussion about what we as a class can do for this cause! "I'm going to bike to school more", "I'm going to make my daddy stop driving to the shop when he could just walk", "why do grown ups drive us to school?" - some of the questions and statements that year one class had to say/ask about the matter, and in response, the school closed off St Augustine street so that our passionate students could take their plaques and signs, and protest for what is right...

We saw many year one students after our protest, travelling to and from school using alternative methods; such as biking, scootering, walking, running, skipping, the list goes on! As a result of their incredible effort, year one, and St Augustine Primary as a whole now have a much smaller carbon footprint. 

Takeover Day!

St Augustine's has always been a place where it is believed everyone has something truly incredible to bring to the table! Where teachers are replaced by the children, and the reigns are taken by our student body - Takeover Day is all about exploring potentials. All over the school we see students teaching their peers (and teachers) valuable lessons; whether it be a language from their home country or a talent or a skill that they want to share. In year one, takeover day looked a little like this... 

Our wonderful children were bursting to share their knowledge with the class! From dance, maths, dough disco,  to sharing a book together read by one of our own - year one did not disappoint! In our continuous provision areas, we also noticed children taking it upon themselves to share their skills amongst each other. What a great day!! :) 





It has been such a strange time for us all recently - we are so beyond happy to have you all back in our school. With a new school year, comes a million opportunities for us all to grow as people, and we are very excited to be joining you on this journey! - Mr Hughes and Miss Atkinson

Important Notices

  • Thursday is PE day! Please send your child in to school ready to go in either black or navy joggers/leggings, and a white T-shirt.   
  • Ensure you're accessing reading eggs frequently throughout the week! It is an exceptional resource to aid your child's reading from home.