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Autumn Term 2020

Welcome to Year 6!

Hello Year 6, we are so glad to have you back.

This is your final year of primary school and the year where you become role models for the entire school - how exciting!

Let's hope for a fantastic year ahead.

This term we are going to focus on... Britain at War 

This will involve learning about:

  • Life on the home front
  • The experiences of soldiers on the front line
  • Is it justified for nations to go to war?


On top of this, it is important you are aware of the following notices:

  • P.E is on a Tuesday and Thursday - please come into school wearing your kit; black leggings/shorts/joggers, a white t-shirt and  appropriate footwear
  • In preparation for SATs, please make sure you stay on top of your reading and Maths. We are encouraging the children to use the Reading Eggs and Mathletics website every night.


Please see below for a copy of the autumn newsletter:

We are looking forward to a fabulous year with you all.

From team Y6 - Miss Cookson and Miss Maragakis


On the week commencing Monday the 14th of September the whole school celebrated Parliament Week


The aims of this week were to:

  • Engage young people with parliament and empower them to get involved
  • Learn about the Queen, the Senate and the House of Representatives
  • Learn about how people have power to contribute towards big decisions made across the country


To celebrate Parliament Week, on the 19th of September the school had their annual 'take-over day'.

This is when children are given the opportunity to act as members of staff for the day and do their own lessons.

Y6 enjoyed learning about:

  • Origami-making 
  • Drawing
  • Shading using oil pastels
  • Rounders


With being the oldest in the school, Y6 students were voted to be the Head Teacher, Deputy Head Teacher, School Business Manager and Office Administrator.

A huge congratulations to Esther, Patrick, Leslie and Rose for achieving these roles! 

They did a great job!