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Digital Leaders 2019-20

Results Are In!

Well done to everyone who applied for the job.

Unfortunately  there are only 12 places available on the team. 

The following children are the lucky applicants who have been successful in getting a place on the

Digital Leaders Team.

    Seweryn        Julia          Lily-Lou        Katie        Miley          Adenike

    Keziah           Patrick      Kabir            Vera        Jemima        Zohaib




 The Digital Leaders will need to have written consent from parents returned to school. 

A copy will be sent home with each child. A copy can also be downloaded below.

This week interviews have been taking place for the new Digital Leaders.

The candidates had to undertake a written task then give a presentation to Ms. Shah.

There were quite a lot of applicants and all of them were amazing, which will make Ms Shah's job of picking the successful applicants incredibly hard. 

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