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Maths at home



Hi Everyone

Try BBC bitesize for fractions

Lots of activities on adding, subtracting and multiply fractions.

Great for Y5 and Y6

Try bitesize for fractions for KS1

Introducing half and quarter to Y1 and Y2

Can you make halves and quarters at home?

What about folding paper in half ?  

You could draw a picture in one half and get a family member to try to copy it in the other half.

Can you fold your paper in different ways and still make halves (remember each half has to be equal)?

What else can you half and quarter?


Great games on mathsframe for fractions Y3 Y4 Y5 Y6


username is staugustinescofe

Password mathsframe123

Games are great and can include everyone. You could play in teams to support younger ones.