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StAugustinesMonsall @StAug_Monsall

21 Jun Year 5 are enjoying spending some time with our ducklings on our last full day with them #weloveducks 🦆 https://t.co/7GIzv5cHM9

18 Jun This morning we have enjoyed duckling bathtime and all managed to avoid getting soaked! https://t.co/j9Qh2UTZTD

17 Jun Our five beautiful ducks posing for some photographs this afternoon after a very lively bath- they’re growing up so… https://t.co/xs8NYpPvEj

16 Jun Here’s little Lucky now that he’s fluffed up more! We’re so glad that he finally decided to join us 🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆! https://t.co/tJAj59aG5u

16 Jun ... and we have duckling number 5 👏🏼! #hemadeit #bestnewsever https://t.co/NvCQrfUAGZ