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This year, we have decided to make our new, updated school video. We chose this song because it was upbeat and energetic.

This fantastic video was produced and edited by some of the lovely girls in Year 6, Vera, Jemima, Miley and Tilly.

“Positive and mutually respectful relationships are a key characteristic of the school and regularly talked about, reinforced and celebrated.”

Rights Respecting Gold accreditation report 2018

StAugustinesMonsall @StAug_Monsall

13 Dec 2019 Mr Warran’s team out mountain climbing this morning!

13 Dec 2019 We’ve all enjoyed a few days of group activities, Mr Warran has clearly been on a journey of his own!…

13 Dec 2019 We’re on our way home after a lovely three days at Ghyll Head, we should be home by 3:15 👍🏼

13 Dec 2019 Conquering the climbing wall!

13 Dec 2019 More of the zip wire!