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St Augustine's CofE Primary School

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Early Years Foundation Stage

Goodbye butterflies!

July 2021

In Nursery, we have been looking after five caterpillars.  Our caterpillars grew and grew, they became cocoons then eventually turned into butterflies.

Sports day!

June 2021

We all had fun at sports day.  In relay teams we had a running race, an egg and spoon race and a hurdles race.  We also played target games - throwing bean bags into hoops.

Ducklings In Reception

In Reception, we began to look after our very own Ducklings. 

We watched them hatch and grow!

We named them, Coco, Rainbow, Fluffy, Spider-man, 

We loved to see them in our classroom and learn lots more about them. As a class, we enjoyed watching them swim and splash in the water everyday. 

Our superhero dance workshop!

June 2021

We loved our Nursery dance workshop, we talked about our favourite Superheroes and created a superhero dance.

Here is a group of us performing the dance...

Our ice cream experiment!

In Nursery, we tasted ice cream and explored how it melts.  We talked about what ice cream might be made of.  The children decided they needed milk or cream, ice and strawberry flavour to make their own strawberry ice cream.  We made our own ice cream and it was delicious! 


May 2021

In Reception we have been looking at germs. We discussed not being able to see germs, we dipped our hands in some red powder paint and pretended they were germs. 

We touched the table, we could see the 'germs' on the tabletop, somebody else touched it and got the 'germs' onto their hands. We then high fived and saw the 'germs' travel from hand to hand. 

We talked about where germs come from and how they get onto our hands, we used soap and water to wash away them away and make our hands nice and clean. 

Eid In Reception 

May 2021

In Reception we have been celebrating Eid. 

We got ready for the celebrations by looking at how people celebrate Eid around the world and in our local area. 

We also made some pasta necklaces to wear for our party.

We came into school in our own party clothes, we took pat in our very own fashion show!

We made our own Eid cards and wrote them to people who are special to us. We also made our own Mendi hands.

It was a fantastic day!!



May 2021

In Nursery we love learning about special events and celebrations that are important to our friends and members of our community.   This month we have enjoyed learning about Eid.  We planned a very special Eid meal, we made our own sparkly crescent moons and we learnt a new dance ready for our party.


April 2021

Nursery visited our school pond to look for tadpoles.  We spotted lots of them swimming near the edge of the pond.  We carefully collected some to care for in our classroom.  We will watch them grow and change.  Once they develop legs and become froglets, we will return them to the pond.

Amazing Animals

Summer 2021
This term our theme is ‘Amazing Animals’. We will be learning about a range of creatures including pets, farm animals, wild animals and mini-beasts. We will use a range of non-fiction books and children’s websites to learn more about amazing animals from around the world.

Nursery are currently looking after tadpoles and Reception will soon have ducklings to care for.  Later in the term, we will all be looking after caterpillars, observing them as they grow, change and eventually turn into butterflies. We will learn about the plants and creatures living in our Foundation Stage garden and the wider school grounds.

We want to make the curriculum exciting for your child and so welcome any ideas from home, just let us know.  Please see our medium term plans and newsletters below.

EYFS intended learning


EYFS Newsletter


Happy Easter!

We have been learning about Easter and how different families celebrate.  The children enjoyed a range of Easter activities including an Easter Egg hunt and an Easter hat parade.  They also had an Easter picnic and tried some toasted hot cross buns. 

Growing beans 

March 2021 

In Nursery, we shared the story 'Jasper's Beanstalk'. In the story Jasper found a bean and planted it in his garden. Following on from the book the children each planted their own bean in a pot. 

The children have been watering the beans and watching them grow. 


Visit from Simon Hunt

March 2021

we received a visit from the author Simon Hunt. He shared his story 'Delilah Rose the Bogey Princess'

The children in Reception loved seeing the cheeky things Delilah gets up to. 

Article 31- You have the right to play and rest.

World Book Day!

We celebrated bedtime reading by wearing our pyjamas.  We shared our favourite bedtime stories with our friends.

Whatever Next!

This week we have been reading the story 'Whatever Next!' We have enjoyed retelling the story with our friends.

Chinese New Year!

We have been learning about Chinese New Year and how it is celebrated by many families in Manchester and across the world.  We made red lanterns to decorate our classroom. We tried ribbon dancing and even danced like a Chinese dragon! We ate yummy noodles too.  This year is the year of the ox.

Look what we've been up to 

We've had a fun half term learning and exploring with our friends.

Nursery update!
Thank you so much for your continued support. We realise this year has been difficult and we appreciate all your hard work in supporting your child to settle into Nursery. It has been lovely seeing so many of our Nursery children return to school.
This term our theme is ‘Extraordinary Journeys!’ We will be exploring the topics of travel and places and sharing stories that tell of adventures and journeys. We will find out about places close to home and faraway and the different journeys people make. We will encourage children to ask questions and to share their own ideas and interests. We will also encourage children to develop their story telling skills by creating lots of opportunities for them to build stories around toys and engage in imaginative play with their friends. Please see below for our intended learning and newsletter for the spring term.

Welcome back!

Welcome back to new and returning children and parents. It's lovely to have the children back in school and they are settling in so well.  

Nursery parents - Flu vaccinations for Nursery aged children!!

Nursery parents!

Don't forget to apply for your child's Reception place this term.  If you need any help please speak to a member of the Nursery team.

Let’s Celebrate!
This term our theme is ‘Let’s Celebrate’. This theme will give the children lots of opportunities to learn about themselves, their friends and their teachers. We’ll celebrate one another’s achievements and the qualities which make us each unique and special. The children will also learn about and celebrate a selection of Autumn festivals including Harvest, Diwali and Christmas.  Below is an overview for our intended learning.

EYFS Intended Learning


EYFS Intended Learning


EYFS Newsletter


EYFS Newsletter


Reception Christmas Singalong

December 2020

In Reception, we have been working very hard practicing our Christmas songs for everyone to enjoy. 

Enjoy everyone and Merry Christmas!

Christmas In Reception 

December 2020

We have been getting very festive in Reception this December.

The Children have made lots of Christmas crafts including a hat, christmas tree, angel and stocking. 

They also had a brilliant party day, they had lots of fun playing some new games. We had our very own Reception fashion show also, they walked along the catwalk with some special lights and music. 

We even had a very special visit form Father Christmas!

We have had a lovely time this festive season. Here are some photographs for you all to enjoy!

Christmas Party

December 2020

Did somebody say party?

In nursery all of the children enjoyed our end of term Christmas party. The day included some fun party games including musical bumps, a Christmas film and lots of yummy party food.
We also had a special visitor all the way from the North Pole, we heard his bells outside in the garden and all went out to have a look who it was Father Christmas!! He gave each child a special gift and all the children was so excited to see him

Dressing the Christmas tree. 

December 2020

In reception, the children each took turns to help decorate our school Christmas tree.
One by one each child chose their own bauble, and placed this on the tree in the main hall.

Christmas magic is in the air.

Tis the season to be jolly...

December 2020

In Nursery, we have started to prepare for the Christmas celebrations.

 Each night the nursery classroom has been visited by the Christmas fairy. In return for our good behaviour the fairy has been leaving us a special little chocolate in our Reindeer advent calendar and each afternoon using her fairy dust, the fairy picks a name out of the pot to see which child will receive the chocolate each day.

The nursery children helped to decorate our Christmas tree in the nursery classroom. The children also helped to decorate the school's Christmas tree in the main hall by each choosing a bauble and placing it on the tree. 

Leave a little sparkle wherever you go. 

Snowball The Elf 

December 2020

In Reception, we have been visited by a cheeky little elf!

The Children decided to name him Snowball.

He has been getting up to lots of mischief in our classroom , the Children are very excited to see what else he gets up to next!

Friendship Week

November 2020

In Reception for 'Friendship Week' we have been discussing how we can be good friends and work together. 

We did lots of team tasks and worked together to achieve our goal. 

We looked at the 'Rainbow Fish' story and discovered that the Rainbow Fish learnt to be a kind friend who shared. 

We made a video showing us being kind and talking about how we are good friends!

Remembrance Day.

November 2020.

Armistice Day is on 11th November and is also known as Remembrance Day.
It marks the day World War One ended, at 11am on the 11th day of the 11th month, in 1918.
A two-minute silence is held at 11am to remember the people who have died in wars.

To show our respects, the reception children made their own poppies. They did this by sticking and gluing different red and black materials on their collages in the shape of a poppy flower. 


Our Class Charter - Reception

In Reception, we made our class charter. We did this as a class and thought about how we would like to treat our friends and also our classroom and resources. 

The children thought very carefully and came up with some brilliant ideas. 

Carnival in Reception!

October 2020

As part of our theme 'Let's Celebrate!' we took part in Carnival celebrations. 

We looked at videos of how children celebrate carnival in different ways in the UK and around the world. 

We used our circle times to discuss what they do and how we could celebrate, the children understood that carnival can be linked to harvest and is used to celebrate this very important time. 

In class we made our own decorations and hats, the children also came into school in their party clothes. 

We had a fantastic party, the children enjoyed carnival dancing and yummy tropical fruit salad.  Here are some photographs from our amazing day!  

P.E with Mr Warran

October 2020

In Reception we have a weekly P.E sessions with Mr Warran. 

We work on a number of things, we move around and work on our gross motor skills. We also play group games and earning points and doing our best.

We have a great time!!

Carnival in Nursery! 

October 2020

 Nursery also took part in carnival celebrations, as part of our theme 'Lets celebrate!'  We read the story 'Nini at Carnival' and watched a video clip of children preparing for and celebrating carnival with their friends.

In expressive arts and design we explored carnival through music and dance.  The children moved to the beat of the carnival rhythms and used percussion instruments to make carnival sounds.  The children also made carnival hats, decorating them using feathers, glitter, sequins and stickers. 

We all really enjoyed our carnival, celebrating with our friends and trying yummy tropical fruits.



It's Autumn!

October 2020

The Nursery children have been noticing and talking about seasonal changes. One of the first changes we noticed is that the leaves on the trees have changed from shades of green to yellows, oranges and browns and lots of leaves have fallen onto the ground.  We enjoyed collecting leaves to make autumn collage pictures.  We also had fun playing in the leaves with our friends.  When the rain came it turned the leaves slimy and soggy, we helped to sweep them up so we didn't slip.  We don't mind the rain though, we have waterproof suits and wellies to keep us dry.  We love splashing in puddles - but Miss says only with our wellies on!

Balance bikes...

October 2020

Ready, Steady...GO! 

This half term the Nursery children have been learning to ride balance bikes. They are becoming increasingly confident, using their balance and coordination skills to manoeuvre the bikes. They are also learning that exercise helps us to stay healthy. 



We're going on a bear hunt....

November 2020

After sharing the story "We're going on a bear hunt" the children went on a bear hunt in the school grounds. They were very excited when they found some clues that a bear had visited the school.