Believe, Achieve, Succeed


St Augustine Street, Manchester, M40 8PL


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What do we do?

At St Augustine’s CE Primary School we strive to do the best we possibly can for the children in our care.  We believe each and every child in our care should receive the best provision and flourish in a safe, stimulating, supportive environment.  We endeavour to equip our children with reading, writing and numeracy skills, as well as life-long skills, which will maximise their chances in the future.


How do we do it?



We offer every child a free breakfast every morning to help ‘set them up’ for the day.  Alongside this, all of our children have access to free fruit and free milk. 




We have implemented the Inspire Maths, ECAR (Every Child A Reader) FF (Fischer Family) and Shared/Guided Reading programmes in school, so that we can allow for early intervention and real focused input.  Every class has a teacher and a teaching assistant and this allows us to personalise children’s learning and provide real targeted support. 



We provide our children with opportunities they would not necessarily have access to, for example; a residential to Ghyll Head; a visit to London and free after-school clubs. 




Many of our children benefit from therapeutic interventions such as Counselling, Art Therapy and Calm Spaces.  These are provided to support the children’s mental and emotional well-being, as well as to develop their self-esteem and confidence. 



 In addition to this, we provide our children with a rich and diverse thematic curriculum; a means through which they can access the Arts (Shakespeare, African Drumming, Choir etc.)  and develop as citizens of the future (RRSA, SEALS, Open Futures, Let's Train a Generation)