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Physical Education


Subject Overview

Physical education applies a holistic approach to the concept of physical activity for young people. It recognises the physical, mental, emotional, and social dimensions of human movement, and emphasises the contribution of physical activity to the promotion of individual and group well-being.
Learning in physical education involves the acquisition of knowledge, concepts, skills, and attitudes central to physical education, together with recognition of its potential for integration with other curriculum areas.

Our Vision and Aim for Physical Education

"Together Everyone Achieves More'

At St Augustine's we believe that a high quality Physical Education programme is essential in order to develop the child into a well-rounded, future-ready individual targeting their physical, cognitive, social and emotional well-being. We aim to raise the physical activity levels of the whole school through the provision of a supportive environment conducive to the promotion of physical activity. Raising the profile of physical activity throughout the school and encouraging cross curricular links is an important part of our vision. We aim to promote positive attitudes towards participation in physical activity that inspire life-long learners while increasing their knowledge and understanding of the importance of physical education, physical activity and sports. From this, we hope to nurture young minds into confident, articulate and well-rounded citizens where everyone feels valued, respected and included whilst improving mental health and developing social skills.