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St Augustine's CofE Primary School

Believe, Achieve, Succeed

July 2023

Happy holidays from Nursery!

The children planned a summer party to celebrate the end of the school year and to say good bye to some of our friends.  We wish everyone one a happy and safe summer break.

July 2023

'Let's Celebrate Us Day!'

Nursery joined in our whole school awareness day, celebrating the diversity of our school community.  All pupils and staff were invited to wear their favourite clothes or something they feel represents them.  The day was about understanding that everyone is different and everyone is equal.  Encouraging everyone to be themselves and showing that we are all unique and that’s a good thing!  


Nursery also took part in the Early Years Transition project based on Dr Ranj's book 'A Superpower Like Mine'.  Each child was given a copy of the book to take home to share with their family.

July 2023


The children were very excited at the arrival of the caterpillars and enjoyed observing them grow and change.  We observed the caterpillars spinning their cocoons and almost 2 weeks later beautiful butterflies emerged.  We released the butterflies out on the school field.  It was exciting to see them fly away but we will miss them.

June 2023

Healthy Body, Healthy Body

During our whole school 'Healthy Body, Healthy Mind Week' the children explored and talked about all of the things we do each day to keep ourselves healthy.

June 2023

Pyjamarama Day

Nursery took part in Pyjamarama Day. Children and staff came to school in their pyjamas and enjoyed sharing and talking about their favourite books.  Raising awareness of our class charity Book Trust.

May 2023

Share a Story Month

As part of National Share a Story Month visitors from around school came to share their favourite stories with the nursery children.

May 2023

Family Afternoon

The children made invitations for their parents and carers inviting them to come and learn through play at school.  The children loved spending time with their families in school and joining in all of the different activities.

May 2023


The children were very excited when the tadpoles arrived in the Nursery.  We put the tadpoles in a tank in the classroom. We looked after the tadpoles and observed the changes as they grew into froglets.

May 2023

Honey biscuits

The children really enjoyed 'Bumblebear' a story about a bear who loved honey so much he pretended to be a bee.  The children were keen to find out more about bees and honey.  They also helped to make honey biscuits to share with their friends.

April 2023

Eid Mubarak

The children enjoyed learning about Eid ul Fitr and finding out about how different families celebrate. The children used what they had learned to plan an Eid celebration at school.  They made crescent moons to decorate the classroom for our Eid party.  On party day the children wore their favourite clothes and enjoyed dancing, playing party games and sharing food together.

April 2023

Early Years Story Hunt 

The nursery children became explorers as they took part in an animal themed story hunt with the Freshwater Theatre.  Big Bird asked the children to look for clues to help tell a story at the end of the adventure.  The children really enjoyed the workshop.

Amazing Animals

This term our theme is ‘Amazing Animals’.   We will be learning about a range of creatures including pets, farm animals, wild animals and mini-beasts.  We will use a range of non-fiction books and children’s websites to learn more about amazing animals from around the world.  Later in the term, we will be looking after caterpillars, observing them as they grow, change and eventually turn into butterflies. We will also learn about the plants and creatures living in our EYFS garden and the wider school grounds. 


Summer Newsletter

Summer Term Planning Overview

March 2023

Learning about Easter


The children have been learning about Easter and finding out how different families celebrate Easter Sunday.  The children used what they had learned to plan an Easter celebration at school.  They tried some toasted hot cross buns, decorated a hat for our Easter Hat Parade, went on an Easter Egg Hunt in the garden and shared an Easter picnic.

March 2023

Great Big School Clean 

Nursery joined the whole school pledge to keep our school tidy.  The children didn’t like rubbish that had been blown onto the school grounds. They used the litter pickers to pick up the rubbish in the EYFS garden. 

March 2023

Science Week

The children were given the challenge to build a wheeled vehicle. The vehicles were rolled down a ramp to test which one would travel the furthest.

March 2023

Growing Beans

After sharing the story of 'Jasper's Beanstalk', the children planted their own bean in a pot.  The children filled their pot with compost, they then used their finger to make a hole for the bean.  They planted their bean in the compost and watered it.  We have bean caring for our beans by watering them and making sure they get enough sunlight.


March 2023

A visit from Zoo2U 

The children were really excited to meet the creatures.  Jess the handler told us about each one. We saw an African pigmy hedgehog whose spines felt like a brush.  We also met Boris the bearded dragon, a giant millipede named Curly, two tiny Duprasi Gerbils and a beautiful baby barn owl called Beau.

Jess showed us how to gently stroke the creatures.

March 2023

World Book Day!

We all dressed up to celebrate World Book Day.  Some children dressed up as characters from their favourite stories and others wore their pyjamas to celebrate bedtime reading.  We enjoyed sharing our favourite stories, including pirate stories.  We also enjoyed taking part in pirate themed activities in the hall.

March 2023

Making Gingerbread Friends

After sharing the story 'The Gingerbread Man' the children made their own gingerbread friends.  The adults melted the butter, sugar and syrup in a pan.  When mixture had cooled we added flour, cinnamon and ginger and mixed it together to make the gingerbread dough.   The children rolled the dough and used shape cutters to create their own gingerbread people.

February 2023

Staying Safe Week

During Staying Safe Week the children have been learning important messages and skills to support them to keep themselves and others safe.  

We talked about how to use the internet safely. We shared the e-book 'Smartie the Penguin' and learnt that if something comes on the screen that isn’t part of our game we need to tell a grown up.



Fire firefighters

We watched a video about fire fighters and the different ways they can help us to stay safe. The fire fighters had to wear protective clothing and use lots of different equipment when they were called to an emergency. At the fire station we saw the fire fighters keeping fit by having healthy snacks of milk, water and fruit. The fire fighters also used the gym to exercise.  

The children created their own emergencies and used the small world fire station and fire engine to help rescue the people.  The children also enjoyed exercising in our school gym.

Health workers

The children also watched a video about health care workers and how they help people. The children dressed up as doctors and nurses to help care for the sick and injured “babies”.

The children were very good at spotting the dangers in the pictures we shared. They talked about how they would keep themselves safe in those situations.

January 2023


The Nursery children were so excited to see snow.  We went for a walk in the school grounds to explore.  We made lots of footprints as we walked along the path.  The snow was so cold to touch and it was everywhere! We saw snow on the grass, on the benches and on the branches of the trees.  There was even snow on the big tyres!  There wasn't enough snow for us to make a snowman today, the children are hoping for even more snow next time.

Extraordinary Journeys

This term our theme is ‘Extraordinary Journeys!’  We will be exploring the topics of travel and places and sharing stories that tell of adventures and journeys.  We will find out about places close to home and faraway and the different journeys people make. We will encourage children to ask questions and to share their own ideas and interests.  We will also encourage children to develop their story telling skills by creating lots of opportunities for them to build stories around toys and engage in imaginative play with their friends.

Spring Newsletter

Spring term planning overview

December 2022

Merry Christmas!

The children loved their Christmas party.  They enjoyed dancing with their friends and teachers and playing pass the parcel and musical bumps.  They enjoyed yummy party food and were surprised by two very special visitors.

December 2022

Let's Celebrate Christmas

The children have enjoyed learning about the first Christmas and exploring Christmas traditions.  They confidently performed their Christmas songs for their parents and carers and loved performing so much, they asked to do it again.  Their second performance was in front of the whole school.  Both audiences were amazing, thank you for your support.

December 2022

A Frosty Walk

The children were excited by the first day of frost and wanted to explore.  They noticed the grass was 'hard' and 'crunchy' and discovered cold frost on plants and fences.  They also noticed the footprints we made, as we walked along the path to the orchard.

November 2022

Pass the Jam Jim

The children loved talking about the illustrations in our shared text 'Pass the Jam Jim'.  They enjoyed making their own jam sandwiches, spreading and cutting independently.

November 2022

Autumn Walks

The children have enjoyed exploring our school grounds.  They have collected fallen leaves and discovered the apple and pear trees in our school orchard.  They have also had fun playing 'helicopters' with fallen sycamore seeds, throwing the seeds into the air and watching them spin as they fall to the ground.  

October 2022


After sharing the story ‘Nini at Carnival’ we had our own carnival parade.

We watched a video clip about a little girl preparing for carnival and planned our very own carnival parade and party.  We danced to the carnival music, moving and playing our instruments to the beat. We made our own carnival crowns.  On Carnival Day we wore our party clothes and carnival crowns. We had fun dancing with our friends and teachers, and we enjoyed our carnival feast. 

Article 30: You have the right to practice your own culture, language and religion.


Within our Early Years Foundation Stage, we have a nursery class with 26 places. We currently offer full time nursery places of 30 hours per week during term time. We also have a limited number of breakfast club places available for nursery aged children.  If you are interested in a nursery place for your child, please click the link below to register your interest and someone from school contact you. 

Article 31 Every child has the right to relax, play and take part in a wide range of activities.

Let's Celebrate!

Welcome to all of our new and returning children and families.   We hope that you all had a lovely summer break!  We are looking forward to the year ahead.

This term our theme is ‘Let’s Celebrate’.  This theme will give the children lots of opportunities to learn about themselves, their friends and their teachers. We’ll celebrate one another’s achievements and the qualities which make us each unique and special. The children will also learn about and celebrate a selection of autumn festivals including Harvest, Diwali and Christmas.

We want to make learning exciting for your child and we welcome any ideas from home.

Class Charity

Autumn Newsletter 

Article 29 Your education should help you use and develop your talents and abilities.

Autumn term planning overview