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Why is daily school attendance so important?


  1. Children who attend school everyday:


    • Get better results in their exams both at primary and secondary school
    • Behave better at school and at home
    • Are more successful throughout their educational journey
    • Are more likely to go to college and university
    • Hold higher paying jobs


  1. Children who are absent from school:


    • Do not perform up to their ability
    • Have greater difficulty getting on with their peers and adults
    • Are more likely to drop out of secondary school
    • Are more likely to engage in anti-social behaviour and get into drugs and alcohol


  1. What we would encourage parents to do


  • Let your children know how important education is
  • Send you child to school every day
  • Go on holiday during school holidays
  • Make appointments at the end of the school day/ during holidays
  • Make sure your child has a good night’s rest
  • If your child has a minor ailment – stuffy nose/tummy ache bring them in and we will look after them, very often they raise their game


  1. Reasons your child should stay at home


    • They have a very high temperature
    • They are being sick/diarrhoea
    • A doctor has advised them to stay



People with high attendance have a much better chance of a good education.

Let’s give all our children every advantage and a bright future.