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Year 5 & 6 Clubs

Year 6


Article 28 + 29 - The right to a good education which helps you to use your talents.



During this week's Creative Club, we had a bit more fun with the clay tiles we had been designing during our afternoon lesson. We created some extra tiles with different scenes on, but still related to our World War 2 Topic.

We also made some lovely, bright coloured bracelets from Loom Bands. This was all whilst singing to the 'Disney soundtrack'.

It was awesome fun, but very messy fun!! 


This weeks Creative Club was a great success! We made a special card for Sainsbury's who have, once again, displayed enormous support and generosity to Year 6. During the afternoon, the whole class wrote letters expressing their gratitude for our 'Hero' cards. Our task this evening was to make a HUGE card that the letters could go inside. Miss Cookson was happy to go and take the card over to Sainsbury's tonight.

I'm sure you will agree, it looks pretty awesome!!



Today's Creative club was a little bit different. Today, we all picked something we wanted to concentrate on and did a little bit of independent creativity. 

We danced, drew, painted, sketched and sang, (All to the 'Ugly Dolls' Soundtrack). It was lovely for us all to do something a little bit different from each other... We didn't want to go home!!



Sainsbury's Appreciation Letters

Check these gorgeous creations out...


Today was an extra special Creative Club. We made lovely Thank you letters for Sainsbury's. Our class have been given some of their Disney and Marvel 'Hero' cards, which we use as part of our rewards for working really hard in class. We love them! Have a look at what we made! (Oh and today was all about singing to Mary Poppins ;-D)



Todays club was so much fun! Children enjoyed a great session decorating wooden hearts with glitter, paint pens and felt tips. I'm sure you will agree, they look pretty awesome! (Oh and we did a bit of singing and dancing to the Aladdin Soundtrack too) ;-)



Today was the first after school creative club, we had an absolutely brilliant time!
We did some singing and little bit of expressive dance to 'The Lion King' Soundtrack.

Then we all sat together and did some painting and drawing. It was wonderful!!



This term, a very special, 'Creative Club' has been organised by Miss Gwynne. This is a fantastic opportunity for children to express themselves. They can paint, draw, write poetry, short stories even write song lyrics. This is their space to explore themselves and find a way to express their inner selves.