St Augustine's CofE Primary School

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St Augustine's CofE Primary School

Believe, Achieve, Succeed

Phonics and Reading Workshop 

May 2024

The Reception Parents and Carers were invited into school to take part in a 'Phonics and Reading Workshop' 

Miss Atkinson and Miss Young explained how phonics and early reading is taught in school and how children can be supported at home. 

The children were then invited into the hall to complete some fun activities with their parents. 

Oliver's Vegetables

May 2024

In our literacy sessions this week, the children have been reading the story ‘Oliver’s vegetables’

We have looked at sorting vegetables and fruit and looking at the differences.
We tasted carrots, hummus and beetroot during snack times this week.

In groups, the children made some yummy salad wraps. We looked at the vegetables that we wanted to try and made a list.
The children could choose to add some hummus or mayonnaise, they could also add cucumber, carrot, spring onion, pepper, lettuce and tomato.

They carefully prepared the vegetables themselves by chopping them into the size they preferred.

They were delicious!


April 2024

The children were very excited to collect some tadpoles from our school pond. In groups, the children went to the pond and collected some Tadpoles. We then carefully transferred them into our class tank and have been enjoying looking at them swimming and growing each day. 

Here are some of the comments from the children


“They will turn into frogs, they get legs. They will go to the rocks to breathe”


“I think that the tadpoles swim, they gonna turn into a frog”


“They are tadpoles, they have spots on their bodies. They are going to turn into frogs. They are swimming”

“They’re going to turn into frogs. They’ll hop into the water”



April 2024

The children have been learning how to independently use some of the features on our class ipads.

In our 'Understanding the World', we had been discussing our favorite places at home and anywhere else special to us in the world. 

We used the ipads to take photographs of our favorite places around our school. 

Here are some of the photographs that they children took. 

Learning All About India

April 2024

In literacy we have been reading ‘A Gift For Amma, a market day in India’.

Miss Mansbridge brought in some items her friend had bought when visiting India. These included puppets, a scarf with illustrations of Ganesha, drum and a singing bowl. She also brought some rupees.

The children all had a turn to look closely at rupees from India. In our story a girl took rupees to the market to buy bangles for her Amma (Mum).

Some of the children volunteered to have a turned of the drum. The drum was from India and very similar to the one in our book ‘A gift for Amma’.

We also took turns of the singing bowl. The singing bowl was from India, we found out that they are used to help relaxation.

Our World - Summer 1 

Reddish Vale Farm 

March 2024

The children had a wonderful time at Reddish Vale Farm, they had the opportunity to see lots of different animals. They saw lambs, goats and their babies, cows, sheep, horses, donkeys and llamas. The children were also able to stroke and hold some of the smaller animals at the farm such as guinea pigs, and rabbits.
The children had lots of fun feeding carrots to the larger animals and came back to school for a yummy picnic lunch. It was a wonderful day.

Happy Easter 

March 2024

The children have enjoyed looking at how people around the world celebrate Easter and why. 

We looked at the Easter story and how Jesus came back to life, they also enjoyed reading the book 'Puddles and the happy Easter day' 

It spoke about Springtime and when we have lots of new life coming into the world. 

We made Easter cards and took part in an exciting Easter egg hunt in our outdoor area. 

Freshwater Theatre

March 2024

In school, the children in a foundation Stage received a visit from the Freshwater Theatre. We went on a Fairytale story hunt around our school hall. We explored ‘Jack and the beanstalk’, ‘The Ugly Duckling’, ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’ and ‘The Gingerbread Man’.
The children took part by helping to explore the different areas of the hunt and find clues.
At the end we made our own fairytale together.

Mother's Day 

March 2024

The children enjoyed doing some baking and making their own honey biscuits for Mothers day. They added the ingredients and followed the recipe, they each chose which shape they wanted their biscuit to be and made a label. 

World Book Day 2024

March 2024

To celebrate World Book Day this year, the children were invited into school wearing their pyjamas and they could bring their own teddy bear. 

We each decorated a paper plate inspired by a book character, the children used Sue Hendra and her books as our inspiration.

It was very exciting, Nicole from Reception was chosen as one of the winners with the best plate decoration with 'Supertato' and took home a special easter egg prize. 


Growing Peas and Beans

March 2024

In Foundation Stage, we have been looking at various fairytales. In Nursery, the children have enjoyed exploring 'Jack and the Beanstalk' 

They each planted their own bean plant to try and see if a beanstalk would grow. 

In Reception, we have been reading the story of 'The Princess and the Pea' by Rachel Isadora. We also did some gardening and planted peas, we have been very excited as our pea plants have started to pop out of the soil. 


Reception Class Intended Learning for Spring 2

Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday

February 2024

The children in Foundation Stage enjoyed making pancakes on shrove Tuesday, they took turns making the mixture and then enjoyed the eating tasty pancakes. 

We learnt about why we celebrate shrove Tuesday and that the next day is Ash Wednesday. 

The children made their own leaf and wrote their promises for lent, we put them on our own special Lenten tree to remind us of what we wanted to achieve. 

Adrielle wrote, "I will brush my teeth more"

Riana wrote that she wants to be kind. 

Special Visitors

February 2024

We have had some special visitors in class, we met Nurse Charlotte. She came into school to check the childrens eyes and ears and to tell us all about her job.

Yusra said “You’re a nurse, I can see your uniform”

Nurse Charlotte told us that she sometimes puts an eye patch on the children like a pirate to check their eyes. She puts headphones on children's ears until they hear a beep and have to clap.

Adrielle asked where Nurse Charlotte where she works, she said “I work in a place called Alexandra park but mainly in schools”

We have also met Reverend Stuart, he came into school to tell us about his job and the church that he works at.

Ivana asked if they had a cat, Reverend Stuart said that they have a cat called Gatsby but not all churches have cats.

Adrielle asked Reverend Stuart what he wears in the church, he told the children about his special collar and the white robes and black stole he wears.

Reverend Stuart told us that he always tries to be kind and help people, he prays and talks to God just like we talk to our friends.

Gingerbread Man

January 2024

After sharing the story 'The Gingerbread Man', the children in Nursery made their own gingerbread.

We measured the flour and added the ginger, cinnamon.

 We mixed the ingredients and then we poured in the beaten eggs. 

We mixed all the ingredients to make the gingerbread dough. The children used rolling pins to roll out the dough.

We took turns to use the gingerbread man cutter and then we used raisins for the eyes and for the buttons. 

We put them on a baking tray and a grownup put them safely in the oven. 

When the gingerbread men were ready we decorated them with coloured icing.

They were delicious!

Fun in the snow!

January 2024

This week, we wrapped up warm and the children in Nursery enjoyed playing in the snow. We had lots of fun scooping and filling buckets, we also collected snow to make our own little snow people. 

The children enjoyed looking at their own footprints and the tracks that their shoes made as they walked. 

It was interesting to see how the trees and plants were covered and in snow and watching as our outdoor area melted. 



EYFS - Intended Learning and Newsletters

Spring 1 

Reception Class Intended Learning for Spring 1

Nursery Class Intended Learning for the Spring Term

Let's Celebrate Christmas!

December 2023

During this this festive season, the children in Foundation Stage have been very busy. We have learnt about the nativity story and why we celebrate Christmas.
We talked about the advent wreath, the children enjoyed looking at this and lighting one new candle every week of December.
We sang our songs on the stage for all of our grown ups at home and friends in school.
We made Christmas cards to share and also party hats ready to celebrate Christmas together.
We had a fantastic party, we danced and ate lots of yummy food. We also had a special visit from Father Christmas.
We have had a brilliant time celebrating this special time together.

Frosty Walk 

December 2023

The children in Nursery and Reception have enjoyed exploring the school grounds looking at the changes in weather. They noticed that it was no longer Autumn and was very icy and cold. 

They enjoyed looking at footprints and touching the cold frozen leaves that they found on the ground. 

Making Bread 

November 2023

In our literacy sessions, we have been reading the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’
We decided to make our own bread, we followed the recipe and gathered the correct ingredients. Together we worked as a team and prepared the dough, we took turns to knead our dough and then shaped them into balls. We left them to rise and an adult helped to put them into the oven.
When they were ready and cool, we all tasted the bread. We could choose to spread honey, jam or butter. It was delicious.

Audrey said “It taste delicious”

Liya said “I've never tasted bread like this before, it’s very delicious in my tummy”

Balance Bikes In Foundation Stage

November 2023

The Reception and Nursery children have enjoyed using the balance bikes. The children are becoming very confident at riding the bikes - using the breaks and being aware of others as they manoeuvre the bikes around the playground.


November 2023

In Reception, we celebrated Diwali. We looked at the story of Rama and Sita and why and how people celebrate Diwali.
We made our own diva lamps using card, glitter and pastels. The children used gems, jewels and buttons to make traditional rangoli patterns.
We had a fantastic time celebrating at our Diwali party, we danced and tried some delicious traditional food.

Woodstreet Mission

November 2023

We recently had a visit from the charity ‘Woodstreet mission’
Each child in school was given 3 free books to take home to keep, they each turn turns to choose the books they liked and put them in their special red bags.
The children were encouraged to share the books and pass them onto somebody else when they no longer need them.

Heaton Park 

November 2023

Reception had a brilliant time on our trip to Heaton park this half term, we were able to play on the park. It was exciting to use the slides and swings. We enjoyed exploring the park and saw many squirrels as we moved around, this was very exciting as we had been learning all about squirrels in our literacy when reading 'Squirrels Autumn Search'. We were very careful not to scare them. 
We had a special biscuit and drink of juice and then had lots of fun looking at the farm animals. We saw, peacock’s, a tortoise, goats, sheep, donkeys, pigs, turkeys, chickens and ducks. We had such a wonderful time, here are some photographs from our adventure. 


October 2023

This half term, in Reception we will be looking at the season Autumn and the changes we can see around our local area. 

We have been reading the book 'Squirrel's Autumn Search' 

In the book we see Squirrel collecting food and all of the various creatures we see at this time of year. 

As a class, we went on an autumn walk around our school grounds. 

We collected colourful leaves and sycamore seeds to use when making our collage pictures. 


October 2023

During the last week of half term, the children learnt all about Harvest and what happens during this time.
We spoke about how we can help people at this time of year.
In school, we have been collecting food for our harvest festival.
The children helped to add food to the collection and listened to the special story 'A wet and windy harvest for Puddles'

Come and Play 

September 2023

In Reception, we invited parents and carers to come into school to join their children in a fun come and play session. There were a range of activities to suit all and explore various areas of learning. 

Adults also received a short introduction to phonics and what their children will be learning and how they can support them at home. 

Here are some photographs from our wonderful afternoon. 


Nursery Class Intended Learning for the Autumn Term

Reception Class Intended Learning for the Autumn Term